Club Penguin Prehistoric Party 2013 Commercial

Here is the Prehistoric Party commercial currently airing on television. It airs on channels such as Disney and Nickelodeon. We know a lot of the information said in the 30 second commercial already, however we do see some unreleased items in it. Here is my recording of the commercial.

This seems like a very promising party!

Thanks to Waddles4g1, Shawdow Guy1, and Mt Orange for telling me the commercial was on TV!

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  1. I’m just wondering why do you always put your name on a picture or a video its in the way sometimes
    ~Chris Dog90

  2. The Day I Became Penguin Of The Week
    One day I was looking for something to post since I started posting again, Then I remembered I told my friend Trainman1405 ”Why do you put your name on the picture and video all the time”, so I checked to see if Trainman1405 said something to me and he said ”Because otherwise people steal.” Then I realized why he does that then I said ”Oh I see that’s good I should do that how do you do that?” When I put my eyes to Post Comment I noticed something colorful so I Posted My comment then looked then there it was.. me as Penguin of the Week. I jumped out of my chair and I shouted out YAY!!!!!! So loud my sister said be quite, so I sat back down and clicked ”View past Penguins of the Week” and was so happy to see me as Penguin of the Week.

    Author of this book: Chris Dog90

    Penguins in this book: Trainman1405 and Chris Dog90

    Why this was made: Because I wanted Trainman1405 how happy I was when I saw that I was Penguin of the week.

    About Trainman1405: He says color different instead he says
    colour. He likes trains, Favorite color: Unkown other stuff could be
    unkown. One thing is hes a Club Penguin blogger :)

    About Chris Dog90: I’m a Club Penguin Blogger. I play Club Penguin
    Everyday, The Future Owner Of Club Penguin.

    Until Then Waddle On :)

  3. Train i know this is off topic for club penguin but its about disney and im gonna try to audition for a show on disney channel :D

  4. Wait i know how to get that gray stone baseball cap and that dino skull staff, remember when train posted that information with the ice berg picture? Well it said that you can win prizes so those must be the prizes or free items or the items in that catalog in the bottom left corner of every sneak peek we had so far.

      • As for the WordPress plugins to use, I don’t know. But I think it is possible – mark posts which are ‘spoilers’ as category ‘Spoiler’ and maybe with a plug-in, make a homepage which shows all posts normally but hides the posts marked as ‘Spoilers’. Don’t know what the others think but I might find it useful :)

  5. Observation for Prehistoric party
    So you log on and you will be in normal cp and then to go back in time go to the room where the time trekker is and then there will be this countdown from 1 min and you can stay in it even if the countdown finishes and when you exit the time trekker your gonna be in the party. Well i hope its like that or it will be lame in my opinion.

  6. I really like the staff that the brown penguin is holding. By the way, Train, I don’t know if you remember me, but this is Dragonair/Dair/Dylan from MCCP. I just recently started playing Club Penguin again, and I now check this site daily for new information. I’m glad to see that it became so successful, and I hope it continues for a long time! :D

  7. Hey Train, I know this really ruins the point in the watermark, but can I still please copy it? As usual, I will give you credit. I only use your pictures and videos with permission!

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