Buy Club Penguin’s CD For $1.99 Rather Than $6.99 and get a FREE Digital Download! (UPDATE: Deal Over)

UPDATE: The deal is over. Darn! It definitely didn’t last long.

There’s nothing better than saving at least a few dollars on a good deal, that’s for sure. Club Penguin’s Party Starts Now CD will be available starting February 12th for $6.99, but wouldn’t you rather save a few dollars on it?

Before you get started, I suggest you read over the terms and conditions. A Facebook account is required too, so I suggest you ask your parent or guardian if they can do this for you if you do not have one due to not being old enough. (It’s 13 or older)

Anyway, if I’m not mistaken, ordering it from Amazon will ship it to your house, which then means you’ll get a code to unlock the Bling Bling Necklace. You know, the actual CD. Not the MP3 files – but don’t worry! Earlier this month launched AutoRip, which lets you download digital versions of your song to your computer when you order a physical CD. So basically you get the CD AND a digital download at no extra cost!

Enough about that though, here’s how to get Club Penguin’s CD for just $1.99 rather than $6.99. Simply go to this link. You’ll have to answer the question “What do you think about the new 2013 Ford Fusion?”, login via Facebook, and then the $5 credit will be applied to your account and used towards your next purchase. Then simply go here to preorder it¬†and you’ll be charged $1.99 rather than $6.99. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Buy Club Penguin’s CD For $1.99 Rather Than $6.99 and get a FREE Digital Download! (UPDATE: Deal Over)

  1. There are no questions I went to the link watched the long video and after that nothing happend. Im logged on to my amazon account but there are no questions

  2. Hey Trainman!
    im having a small party very soon the server is:North Pole and the time is 8:04 PM PST
    I hope you can come!

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