Club Penguin Holiday Party 2012 Unreleased Items Pictures (Updated with igloo pic)

Between now and the 25th you can get items when you log in. One for everyone and one for members.


Currently you can get two of the items, but here are the ones from December 21st – December 25th! All member items are furniture.

On December 21st nonmembers can get the Hot Chocolate. (hand item) Members can get the Holly Jolly Couch.

This is the Hot Chocolate:


This is the Holly Jolly Couch:12-20-2012-3-05-35-AM-6bfb

On December 22nd nonmembers can get the Frost Bite Cavern Background. Members can get the Festive Light.

Frost Bite Cavern Background:


Festive Light:


On December 23rd nonmembers can get the Race Car Controller, a hand item. Members can get the Make and Bake Kitchen.

The Race Car Controller:12-20-2012-3-05-00-AM-4f33

The Make and Bake Kitchen:12-20-2012-3-04-26-AM-8f85

On December 24th nonmembers can get the Green Lightbulb, a head item. Members can get the Santa Desk furniture piece.

Green Lightbulb:


Santa Desk:12-20-2012-3-04-19-AM-b3eb

On December 25th nonmembers can get the Arctic White colour. Members can get the Frost Bite Palace Igloo.

The Arctic White colour:


Here is the Frost Bite Palace Igloo, as shown on the “you need to be a member” popup.

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 7.46.29 PM

47 thoughts on “Club Penguin Holiday Party 2012 Unreleased Items Pictures (Updated with igloo pic)

  1. The items suck because i want the furniture but i can’t because Im a nonmember and i hate club penguin because they never give free christmas furniture for everybody and its sucks because members had better items than nonmembers its not fair.

    • I’ve been a non-member for 5 out of 5 and a half years on Club Penguin. It’s taken me years to build up my items. It just takes patience. You should actually be grateful. 2012 is the first time Club Penguin was generous to non-members in 4 years.

    • It is too fair. If non members and members got the same, then no one would buy a membership.
      Anyway hand items are better than weird wigs and backgrounds.
      By the way I am a non member too!

  2. how do you know that these items are coming out like for example how do you know that the artic white in coming out!
    P.S please rely

  3. Hello penguins i am gonna host a christmas eve concert before santa to come!! Ok soo i will give you a reminder
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    When:december,24 2013(Christmas eve)
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    Ok if your coming post a comment it’s gonna be awesome see you there!

  4. Hello penguins on december 23rd 2013 i will host a christmas party so it’s gonna be lots of penguins so it’s a christmas eve
    countdown here is the reminder

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