Club Penguin December 2012 Pay Day

It’s Club Penguin’s last pay day – of 2012 that is! 2012 has flown by and it’s already the first December. As a result penguins are starting to receive their typical paychecks in the Penguin Mail. The amount we receive is the same as always. 250 coins as a tour guide and 350 coins as an EPF agent. Too bad us agents didn’t get a raise for all of our hard work during Operation Blackout!

Yes, Pinguiny is a penguin I own. Trainman1405 hasn’t got his payment yet.

13 thoughts on “Club Penguin December 2012 Pay Day

  1. Train on the 24 days of contests,if i comment,do i get the send the code trough mail if i win or do i have to get it off the site?

  2. the winners of the 25 days of prizes contest, will you e-mail them the prizes on the day of of the contest or will you e-ail all the prizes when you announce the winners on the 25th?

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