Sunday Herbert Meetup Times On Club Penguin

Earlier today the @SupportAtCP Twitter account posted two Herbert meetup times for tomorrow, Sunday the 18th of November. The times are the following:

  • Blizzard at 11am PST
  • Big Surf at 2:30pm PST

No rooms are given but it is safe to assume he will be in and around the Ski Village and Paradise room. If you live on the East Coast of the United States add three hours to the times and if you live in the United Kingdom add eight hours to these times.

49 thoughts on “Sunday Herbert Meetup Times On Club Penguin

  1. He showed up on Big Surf, but he was kind of invisible.
    The stamp popped down, but nobody could see him to click him to get his background.
    It was weird.

  2. I camped out in Paradise on Big Surf since 12:00 yesterday trying to get in there before the crowd and Herbert does. My little cousin was on too, and I helped him meet Herbert too! It was long, but worth it.

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