Meet Herbert At 4:30 PM PST Today (Now Over)

Update: This meetup is now over.

Operation Blackout has been going on for just a week now, and already Club Penguin has had tons of meetups. If you would like to meet Herbert today, he will be on the server Northern Lights at 4:30 PM PST today.

9 thoughts on “Meet Herbert At 4:30 PM PST Today (Now Over)

  1. Aww man I was eating Thanksgiving dinner when the meetup acurred. Happy Thanksgiving Train! One of the things I’m thankful for is your blog! :)

  2. That’s okay! Train, have you ever just been in a room, and suddenly Herbert or Aunt Arctic/Director or Rookie os something just comes in randomly? Well, Herbert just suddenly logged in while I was in Town a few minutes ago on Abominable (He’s gone now) cuz I was advertising my iggy(I just hit 500 likes) he showed up and Im like WOAH!

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