Club Penguin Operation Blackout Chapter 6 Guide

Here is the guide for the sixth and final chapter of Operation Blackout. Get the Anti Lava boots and go through the door.

Click Herbert’s big red computer.

Play the puzzle:

Here is the puzzle:

For the final time the pin/badge will update and the self destruct sequence initiates.

You can then get the Covert Agent Station furniture item. A video where Aunt Arctic reveals herself to be the Director will be revealed, too!

51 thoughts on “Club Penguin Operation Blackout Chapter 6 Guide

  1. Well I think the only two ways would be to use swf links like the one to get in the CR Room right now, or one of the “click somewhere else right before you go through the door” thing, I am still puzzled though…

      • there is no glitch at all i know because trainman would never use them he only gives out fair codes and cheats witch is a good thing and thats one of the things i like about this site.its not one of those trainers or cp blizzard sites.

  2. hey man how do you get the lava boots but i know that you half to wait for november 24th but i see penguins up in herberts lab or what ever but so if you can reply that would be great so peace out!!!!!!!!

  3. Hiya Trainman,
    Can’t get the “covert agent station” item after completing puzzle and watching cutscene.
    It shows it and asks would you like to pick it up (like any other item in CP) but then when you click YES, it gives orange box saying that item is currently unavailable.
    Any help as to CP glitch on when it will be available would be great. Please post for all players who have waited for the final chapter this morning and might be getting this problem.
    Thanks for your help and think you do the best blog!

    • You just have to wait to get it once CP fixes it I guess. (You’ll have to do chapter 6 again but the puzzle only takes a minute or two) And thanks for the nice words. You’re welcome! :)

  4. I know we stop herbert but i think it not over yet we still got get herbert captured that why in the cocpet were are in the tree area at the bottom left corner of herbert paradise i think it not over yet

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