Club Penguin Operation Blackout Chapter 4 Guide

The fourth chapter is now out, and Rookie is also captured! First complete chapters 1-3. Then get the Deflection Vest item. Go to the Computer Terminal.

Play the puzzle.

This is the chapter 4 puzzle:

The security clearance level will then be upgraded.

Thanks Oarca!

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  2. Train, I found a way(glitch) to go to the room where the one where the second to the last computer is,this is the way,in the room where you are at the place where you can see where G and the others are trapped(not the place where you can go to the last computer)go to the next room and on the very last moment click the stairs,but it MUST be the VERY VERY LAST MOMENT,because if not you will not go to the computer,instead you will be in the black part.

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