Club Penguin Cool in the Cold Song

Club Penguin Cool in the Cold Song

Club Penguin’s next song will be titled Cool in the Cold according to a listing on Amazon! Sadly there is no song preview at this time however the release date is listed as November 27th, just two and a half weeks from now. On the album cover you can see Club Penguin’s logo redesign and Cadence, meaning she will be singing this song.

Thanks Pen50gi!

20 thoughts on “Club Penguin Cool in the Cold Song

  1. I heard some people saying that the Beach, Dock, and Snow Forts are being updated tomorrow. Does anybody know if that is true?

  2. Aha, Another close sneak peak of “Card-Jitsu, Snow.”
    Since the next party is gonna be snow covered,
    Maybe a top of a Mountain will fall off, and all of the
    insides. Then Ninjas will have to find a great base for the Snowy
    Dojo. Maybe a Belly Sliding Card Jitsu? I there will be a Element
    infront of our penguins, and we will have to pick a card and slide through. Any great thoughts Train?

  3. Cp poem: Say Hello to Cold, Goodbye warm. Cp fun will be on hold. The breeze would be fast. Goodbye to the fun blast. The epf will never stop me! You can’t stop a bee! My favorite color is blue. Yet, you never knew. The igloos will be gone. You will freeze at dawn. I’m Herbert P. Bear, try and stop me if you DARE.

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