Trainman1405 In Real Life: Pictures of My Area

Here is the new Trainman1405 In Real Life post! This week I figured I would go ahead and show you random pictures I’ve taken from around the area where I live and apply an Instagram filter. (to hide how bad the iPod Touch’s camera quality is lol) Most pictures are from Winter and Spring of this year, but a few go into last Summer and Fall. (2011) The pictures are nothing really, but others have said they are fun and cool to look at so I am using them to express my life. :)

71 thoughts on “Trainman1405 In Real Life: Pictures of My Area

  1. Gary has now a twitter account : @club_gary
    Klutzy has now a twitter account : @clubklutzy

    So confused.
    Seems like CP is invading Twitter like he did on YT.

  2. My area is the same but the only difference is that my house is near a river.
    BTW I found I am the best at geography in my grade

  3. This isn’t really CP related but, has anyone got the new Pokemon games yet? I’m getting it soon, is it good or bad? :3

  4. Hello! Your town looks so pretty, much better than mine. Also, could you meet me on CP sometime? You seem like a pretty chill dude. :P

  5. Train its a nice cloudy day wan tto meet on sleet at 7:00 pm today server sleet pleace dance lounge or we can do 6:00 or 5:00 but 5:00 is fine just message me than i will repley tell me one of those timkes you can come

  6. I used to live in California from my birth to one and a half years old but I can’t remember much but now I live in the range where there are mountains which is the west area of the U.S.A.

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