22 thoughts on “Secret Halloween Party 2012 Video Found!

  1. I didn´t see that! I saw a comment that asked where the secret video was, and Businessmoose said it was near the beginning, but I didn´t know what he meant. :P

  2. Peanut3141 ツ‏@Peanut3141CP

    A lot of you penguins have found out about #operationblackout I can give you a sneak peek Of the new mascot! ^Happy77 pic.twitter.com/nbccBL9u

  3. Train please help me! I’m on my phone (which does not have flash player) and I can’t view ur video! So I went to YouTube looked at the sneak view video and guess wat I can’t view the hidden one. Because clicking a video on a mobile device is forbidding. Sorry for yhe long comment! Cud u please give me a link to the new hidden video?? Tks frm ur biggest fan- Wingred :)

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