Herbert P. Bear, Now On Twitter!

Club Penguin has now set up an account on the social networking service Twitter for Herbert P. Bear, Club Penguin’s #1 enemy! The username is @clubherbert.


It looks like something big will be coming soon, based on Herbert’s tweets…






35 thoughts on “Herbert P. Bear, Now On Twitter!

  1. 2 years ago he destroyed the PSA. Ever since there has been nothing to do but those stupid weekly field-ops. Finally, after 2 years of waiting, REAL secret agent action!

    • Sorry, I didn’t mean to double post but did anyone else notice that Herbert is following two people/groups – a motivational speaker who talks about how to be a leader and a vegetarian organization. Nice attention to detail, CP!

  2. Awesome, so Operation: Blackout is finally coming. I wonder if the CP staff member who read the EPF discussion post suggested to them to finally launch it..

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