Club Penguin Free Innocent Smoothie Code Giveaway (Ends September 5, 2012 at 12:01 AM PST – Hurry!)

I don’t live in the United Kingdom (thousand of miles away, actually!) so I cannot purchase any Innocent Smoothies for the Club Penguin Code. However, a very generous and helpful friend of mine, Pengumile, (please don’t ask him for a code by the way) who was also recently penguin of the week, was kind enough to give me an Innocent Smoothies code to give away here on Club Penguin Memories. Heck, I haven’t even unlocked any of the items on my penguin, I’m just going to give it away here instead.

Since everyone wants one and not everyone can be on Club Penguin Memories at a specific time for the code, rather than giving it out that way I figured I’d make it a bit easier and give you a bit of time to enter.

You have until Wednesday at 12:01 AM PST (3:00 AM EST, 8:00 AM UK time) to enter. How do you enter? Do the following:

  1. Leave a comment saying whatever you want (it can be as random or unrandom as you place) to me. Please comment once and once only. You will then be entered.
  2. I will then go through the comments, write down the names, and pick one at random while not looking.
  3. I will then email the code to the winner.

Please do not cheat. And remember, you must include an email when commenting or else you will not be entered!

272 thoughts on “Club Penguin Free Innocent Smoothie Code Giveaway (Ends September 5, 2012 at 12:01 AM PST – Hurry!)

  1. I would like to enter because I never had 1 smoothie item and I ended up wasting my 17 membership codes and 3 coin codes when I got scammed and in return I got a used code :'( My email is [removed, entered!]

  2. hey train… so I’m entering my comment fr the contest, but I have no clue what to say. all I really have to say is I’ve been a follower since the beginning, when I used your guides for the wilderness expidition. I thought that it was an amazing guide so I stayed with you for almost 2 years now! I subscribed to your email alerts so I can get every sneak peak and update! :) that’s about it, and I also never won any of your contest that Ive been entering since you started them!
    [removed, saved, entered]

  3. Hey I am excited for the code and I am the first one to comment so please can I get the code and UK is thousands and thousands of mile away from my country which is Bangladesh!!!!

  4. Hey i want the orange ipod and the orange hoodie. Also the cherry shirt and the strawberry sunglasses.

  5. Awesome :D :D :D :D btw: u posted the Cp calander a few months ago , where can i find it on you’re blog ?

  6. HELLO! hey trainman1405 i want a fruit codes because i live in the U.S.A and they dont sell those here and im on a mission to get most of club penguin things so please pick me to be the winner thanks so much P.S. thanks for your 3 postcards you;ve sent me! :D

  7. MY email is [removed, saved, entered] I really want that smoothy code!!!!!!!!!! My penguin name is Cance0! Hopefully i win! Wish me luck!

  8. I really want the code because I have been looking for one of these for a long time. I have always wanted it so here is my chance. I hope I win! :D


  9. I the choice for a coin code or a innocent code? Because I would like a coin code, if not then i’m entering for a Inoocent Smoothies Code for the orange hoodie.

  10. I really want a fruit code because a lot of my friends have them, but I cannot purchase them because I don’t live in the UK. And I really like the fruit items. :D

  11. I like Club Penguin because is fun and puts your mind to work with all its games and parties, sometimes I can’t handle it. I have my own archive, like a blog, but in my computer and I store there everything Club Penguin. My “idols” of archive are myself, you and sarapril. I follow your blog because you have awesome theory skills and Saraapril because she minds the details. I choose me because I put them on the list and sometimes I find more than what is shown. I almost forgot: I am asking myself: What will happen in afew years in Club Penguin: Will it survive? Will you remain in the CP world. I mean you and some other bloggers could work for Club Penguin. Like some of them who design their sites awesome and some others IT geniuses. I don’t even know how a bug looks in the computer mainframe(not the System Defender one) or site or what do you do to fix it. You click a button?
    By The Way, the UK is far away from me, too. But one day I will get there. Now I have got the accent. In my holiday I met a 19 years old brithis girl and spoke a lot.
    Sorry I say random things, but that’s what you said and I really wish you to read this. Also, I don’t know how long will the Innocent promotion take, but probably this year I will visit London (WELL I DON’T WANNA BE DISQUALIFIED)and I will buy all the smoothies in the market, all the Club Penguin Magazines and sticker albums and card jitsu decks and other things which are not Club Penguin related. And of course if the plane would handle my luggage, I will buy trains…HAHAHAHA!
    I almost your age…you know, but I like the toys which are in my profile picture on the comment. Before I met them I liked trains.
    Ok Bye,

  12. hi trainman good to see u i wish i have the fruit code cuz i never used code i tryed many times but ppl say no they always scamm soo i wish i have the code if i was lucky Xd

  13. You know I’ve been thinking about creating an email address for a long time, but this contest finally convinced me to make one. Fingers crossed!

  14. Pleaaaaaaaase pleaaase i need that code, i live in Brazil, i don’t have any chance to have a innocent smoothie code plz plz plz.

    my name in cp is abobora7 in your country it’s called pumpkin.

  15. I want a fruit costume and that’s it. Mostly, I only entered because I want to get a chance to have items. :) Thanks

  16. I think you should give me the code bucause my parents went to the ubited kingdom and they worked REALLY hard to try to find me one! They spent 3 days trying to get it for me! And, my dad’s friend works for diensey and shes tryed really hard but she couldn’t get one.

  17. Hi I really want a innocent smoothie code so badly! I just lost a contest for one and it made me want to cry if you gave it to me I would be SO GRATEFUL if you do pick me bless your kind heart :)

  18. I would really like this code as my local store to buy these has shut down yesterday and I am one code away from the pineapple igloo! I really hope I enter and good luck to those who do! *thinks awesome idea!* underwater igloo backgrounds + pineapple igloo = SPONGEBOB!

  19. I fI won the Innocent Smoothie code I would like to get the Fruit Frenzy Background, the Banana Couch and the awesome orange hoodie ;D

    Waddle on!

  20. hello,im wnat this code beacous im a a very good cp fan,im not member,i dont have codes,if i winn this code,this gonna to be my firts cp code,i want to have clothes.

  21. wow train, that’s very nice of u to just give a smoothie code away and haven’t even used one for yourself! well i just want to say good luck to all who inters, thx train for the contest!!

  22. Hi Trainman. I want the orange costume because it’s my favourite colour and fruit. It would be a great birthday present (my birthday is on the 6th) Thanks for listening Trainman, i hope that you consider my comment. Thank you,

  23. I would really like a Smoothie Code because I live 8900 kilometers (5530 miles) away from the United Kingdom!


  24. aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrtigjgtihjtihjoitjdfggffhggvnhgghnjmjhjgfgjgbnhghjnnngfbnfgjbnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngv
    pine apple

  25. Aww man, It won’t be a good time, how about in a weekend please Trainman, almost all of us returned to school, i know you still have vacations but most of us are in school already! Please Trainman do it more easier like in a weekend or in a Friday at least!

  26. Hello train…¿I can exchange an item by a fruit as information gain membership for 7 days?
    please, Im Argentine and is very difficult to get these items.

  27. I want the Orange Costume, Orange Citrius Hoodie, Orange MP3000, and the Fruit Frenzy Background!

    P.S. If I win, send the email to [removed, saved, thanks for entering!] because I can not access my email.

  28. Kiwi Background
    Sofa Banana
    Orange Hoodie

    my e-mail: [removed, saved, thanks for entering!]

    That’s what I understood when you said “say what you want.” If not tell me, I do not quite understand.

    • By what you want I meant leave a comment saying anything you please to be entered. Sorry about the confusion! You’re entered anyway. :)

  29. Здравей те ас искам да вляза в състезанието много искам такъв код

  30. hi man cna i please have the innocent smoothie code? i enver get one of these exclsuive uk codes i hope i can win it and i hope you pick me so ic an get one innocent code for my peng thanks acer1

  31. I like cheese, pizza, pie, bacon, cheese steak and chicken. What would you chose out of these?

  32. Well, enter me Sammychip! Where I am no such things like memberships etc but emm….. if I win (hopefully) I might have a giveaway or just use it it depends on my situation at that moment! Waddle On!

  33. Hi trainman1405 ,
    If you may know im a club penguin blogger, well not any more because of a bit of penguins visting my website. Anyway i still play club penguin and i would love to win a innocent smoothie code.

  34. The items are AWESOME but i dont live in UK! I want an item that i like The orange citrus hoodie or mp 3000 And i dont ask to give it to me but i dont wined anithing and i dont think i will be lucky -THX

  35. Hello Trainman1405!

    This is Victory889. I would gladly like to enter your Innocent Smoothie Code Contest. Please enter me again for anymore upcoming Contests. I would liked to get picked! ;)

    ~ Victory889

  36. I have no idea if I had entered or not, but please enter me. xD I hope I win! Good luck to the other people that entered.

  37. MY name is Cance0! I make clubpenguin videos on youtube plz subscribe and i love your website! ENTER ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Trainman,
    i really dont care i would like anything, if i won i would want a coin code wich i never got but i know so anything (Maro01)

  39. hey train, i wanna enter
    But i dont have a e-mail and i always put in a random e-mail. Can I still enter without a real e-mail? Please, I can’t have an e-mail because I’m young.

  40. Hello. My name is Jqpenguin100 and please enter me in the contest. I’m hoping to get as many fruit items as I want.

  41. I would like to take this code and unlocked and never anything other than letters, I feel bad because my friends have unlocked things and I do not (sorry for my English I speak Spanish)

  42. hi im phillipok please enter me too the contest i love to have fun on club penguin so please enter me to the contest

  43. Dude, dOnuts are really good! I don’t really eat donuts, but I know that they taste good. So how’s the donuts in your place? Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts? Okay man. ;)

  44. Btw Trainman i would like to enter to the contest, in my place they dont sell it and my birhtday is on September 10 so it would be a nice gift from you for my birthday, i am not joking i am turning 13 and i would really like to get it, hope i win it! thanks

  45. Hi, I’m Max Chames(Chamesthehero). I live in Brazil, so I’m miles away from UK and USA. I really want one code because USA and UK always gets everything :( No offence, though. If I win, DM me on @chamesthelegacy , OK?

  46. Hi I’m Happyblue1, and all my friends get these codes from the I.S. boxes. Plus, since I don’t live In the uk, I get the codes! All my life, I enter contests, and If I win, they sent it by accident! So, i hope I finally win something

  47. I would like the code because my penguin is a non-member and I’m trying to get him some items.I live in Canada so I can not buy any Innocent Smoothie product.
    I hope that you pick my comment.

  48. I’d like to enter! I don’t live in the UK, and like to have giveaways
    but I can’t get a smoothie code… I really want the code.. :) Thanks for having the giveaway. :)


  49. Hi I am Luigi755cp I would like the code for my brother!!! ;) He would cry of the emotion!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

  50. Hi! I Wanna have that code! So I’ll join :) and the email i’m using is my mom’s. [removed, saved, thanks!] I Just joined now because i got home from school.

  51. Hi I am jeem1 I come from the Netherlands, I want the code because you cant buy anything of cp here. I like this contest very much I hope I will win.
    ( sorry I can’t speak English, sorry for mistakes I hope you can understand me.)

  52. Hey, sorry I’, late. I’m begging you to still except me as last comment, anyways their is a 1 in a million chance to win. Please accept man! ;)

  53. Hi Iam Gold Steel 1 please give me the code too
    your website is the best for cheat I am using website from November 2011 when I joined club penguin at that time i didn’t knew any thing about c lub penguin i searched a chose only ur web & because of u i know more about club penguin today.

  54. Can you please enter me? Pr-T, please :) Just call me Ichigo1709
    P/s: “Ichigo” means strawberry. I like strawberries like you, too!

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