Club Penguin Fair Prize Booths Stocked Up With New Items!

The nonmember and member prize booths at The Fair have been updated with new prizes!

The new items at the nonmember prize booth, located at the Forest, are:

  • The Taa Daa for 500 tickets (new)
  • Lollipop for 150 tickets (returned)
  • The Sundae Surprise for 300 tickets (returned)
  • Fair Beacon Background for 100 tickets (returned)

The members prize booth items are:

  • Red Racer for 1000 tickets (returned)
  • Fair Background for 100 tickets (returned)
  • Teddy Bear for 400 tickets (returned)

But wait, at the Fair there is a hidden item in the member prize booth! Click the white flag for the Ice Cream Cone. It’s 150 tickets. (Thanks, @Zoozach!)

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17 thoughts on “Club Penguin Fair Prize Booths Stocked Up With New Items!

  1. Thanks CP for not bringing back the Blue Cotton Candy! I don’t want the old items return, and also I hate this fair they brought a lot of items they used to be uncommmon :( And nothing new

  2. Well, it’s a good thing I don’t have my membership handy (as I have to renew it) because there’s no point in thinking I need it for the new member prizes.

  3. Remember everyone, CP said they didnt work much on the fair because of October and November. That stuff is MUCH more important then the fair.

  4. So, I wonder why they added the Aqua Balloon to the Login and Log Off screens if there not even going to release it at the Fair. :|

  5. Only three new items… Bummer.

    The Halloween Party and whatever they’ve got planned for November need to be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING to compensate for this Fair.

  6. I’m SO HAPPY the rare items returned. Now the only thing missing from my list is… oh wow a bunch of stuff. Beta hat is never returning i don’t think so i might as well cross that off ,unless they recycle it for this years party (if they did that it would be the best halloween party ever).

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