Club Penguin Discussion: Merchandise Not In Your Country

Here is a Club Penguin discussion topic suggested by Phineas99 and Azeemsky. For a month or two now there have been many comments here from those expressing their anger and annoyance with the fact that many Club Penguin’s recent and past products are not available where they live.

What Club Penguin merchandise would you like to see in your area that is currently not available? Which item do you want the most? Do you wish it was available worldwide? Discuss it in the comments.

I personally would have liked to see the Innocent Smoothies and Club Penguin Magazines where I live, the United States. The thing is, however, Innocent Smoothies are only available in the United Kingdom. The Club Penguin Magazine publisher is also based in the United Kingdom, so that might be the reason as to why the United States and other countries do not have them.

One thing is for sure, though – if Club Penguin let you buy codes directly from their website, they would make a lot more profit. Not everyone wants the Club Penguin merchandise just for the code, but let’s face it – people like me only buy Club Penguin items for the code. Surely if they did that through their website you’d be able to get it anywhere like with membership?

Oh well.

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  1. well,I would really want the innocent smoothies,codes,plush toys,yearbook quiz cards,cp magazines and more…I wish it was available WORLDWIDE!

  2. CP Magazine isn’t anymore so big deal if I don’t get it here. I order it anyways it via Internet, 4 issues is 30 euros 81 cents. It would be way cheaper if they sold it here.

    I honestly think that ANY kind of a toy code (Puffle Code) could be sold here in FINLAND like 3 euros each. I would buy them SO often.

    Tahts it.

    • Exact same. I order magazines via Internet anytime there are good free items, I only heard one 1 store selling plush puffles (not all of them but good amount of them). What annoys me is finding Moshi Monster merchandise EVERY. WHERE.
      And I tell you why: because the’re English. It’s much cheaper to ship from there and the game also seems to get good popularity here. That’s WHY Club Penguin are putting many merchandise in the UK. UK means Europe, and Club Penguin has a competitor there. So it emphasizes to have merchandise as much – or more – as Moshi Monsters. Americans shouldn’t be mad, this competition also brought us to short animations, original songs, music videos, vlogs, and twitter accounts! If it wasn’t for competition all this might be less likely.
      Hey, Train, this brings for an interesting discussion: Club Penguin’s competitors and how Club Penguin is dealing with it!

  3. Hello trainman1405 its me oil999,

    I’m with you, but i would like to tell you a shocking and amazing thing that happened to me yesterday!

    I went to shopping center (mall) with my friends to have lunch, after eating we wanted to visit any shop and the shop we chose was baby shop (lol, btw it doesn’t have any baby stuff at all! not even 0.000001% !), when we were exploring i noticed that.. for the first time ever… i couldn’t beleive my eyes.. CLUB PENGUIN TOYS ARE FINALLY IN MY COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D even member ship cards!!!! i was sooooo happy and i bought 1 membership card to get a free boat item. So what i want you to know from this story that club penguin has began to make their merchandise around the world for the first time! so dont worry u need to wait and TO CHECK THE PERFECT SHOPS! waddle on,

  4. In terms of merchandise, they need to make it worldwide, they have the money to do it, there’s no excuse (Its Disney, come on now).

    For the Smoothies, all they had to do, was make a promotion with a company like Dole, and slap penguins and codes on that to unlock fruit items, for the United states. So, just choose a fruit company, that simple. As far as the Magazine being the UK this long…makes me curious on what exactly Club Penguin is thinking to NOT have the first issue release in their home turf, North America. That would like Super Mario getting is own epic collectibles/magazines/figures starting in America, and Japan (Where he comes from) not get anything at all and forced to import.

    In regards to codes…I am a buyer and seller, not really a collector. I only hold on to the toys I really enjoy, not a whole set of every series. I use the codes, then sell the toys in a big Club Penguin plush lot…you a decent amount of cash when someone bids, and its cash you can use to buy more codes lol.

  5. I think we will get the mags in the next three months or less. As for everything else, I don’t see the problem. I mean we can get the 7th anaverserary cards shipped.

  6. Cp is fine with money the way it is! Other countries can beg for them all they like but I am fine, I am British also. Here’s an idea for a discussion: Advertising Parties, good or bad? I say bad because the money goes to those products and not CP!

  7. Thanks Trainman1405 for making this discussion. I agree with you 100%.

    I would like the Club Penguin Magazines, Stickers, Yearbook Quiz Cards, Innocent Codes, 3-Month Memberships from the US, a 1-Year Membership from, the one that includes the e-reader (and the list goes on and on). I live in Canada (I even live near CP HQ in British Columbia).

    The only way I have a 3-Month membership is because my family went done to the US. The only way I have Club Penguin Stickers and Magazines (Issue 2-8) is because of Ebay, I don’t know what I would do without Ebay.

    If the magazines were sold in North America they would probably sell for a half (1/2) of the price that I pay to get them shipped from the UK ($15-S20 each!).

  8. the thing is though… most cp users from usa are moaning cos they dont get the smoothies or mags.. but they get free items with their membership cards… and think of all the stuff like cp teddys you had before the UK. i think usa should stop maoning and just get on with it.

  9. Well, because I live in the UK it is hard to say how you feel. I love that we get all the toys, magazines and everything. I buy them and take advantage of it, but I don’t know what it would be like if I couldn’t buy any cp toys and say for example the US was getting it all ~ I’d be like so mad that they weren’t giving it to the UK so I guess they should do it worldwide.

  10. I think people should just stop saying the U.K have everything, we don’t! True we have the magazine and the smoothies, but you have loads more toys and plushes than us. If you want the magazine order them online, like we do with the toys. Don’t say we have everything. That really annoys me.

    • Actually, you do… you have toys and plushes. And, I’m not paying $20 for 1 magazine. Sorry to annoy you but YOU DO HAVE EVERYTHING. :)

      • Actually, we don’t. You guys get all the latest plushies and toys released on time, we have to wait like half a year for them to be released here in shops. And CP toys aren’t sold in a lot of places in the UK, they’re sold mainly in places like the Disney Store and Argos. And you guys are closer to the promotions, like Disney World (free cp castle code) and the CP HQ (green Viking helmet). Anyway I suppose you guys will get the stuff soon, waddle on :3

  11. Agreed. It was okay at first, but it’s been kind of overkill lately. It’d be nice for the Americans to get some more merchandise perks, since the magazines have had some interesting unlockables.

  12. I have something to say. First of all. I asked them why they did not do Magazines, Fruit codes etc. To CP support about a month ago, and they told me this: If you want to post this amazing and best exclamation go ahead but give credit and link to my Twitter on my name.

  13. Awesome post :) I agree with you, if CP is going to sell something.. then make it worldwide instead of in 1 country. This brings anger and frustration to lots of penguin including me, and I also find it kind of ridiculous… it seems like they are saying they like 1 country better than the other (which I hope ther aren’t doing). The UK players get everything that the US gets and more. I also checked online for buying the CP magazine, well it was like $20-30 for 1 issue which is ridiculous. I just hope the next time CP releases something, they take the time to make it everywhere instead of just 1 country. Hope the magazine comes to the US soon (and it’s not $20 dollars an issue XD)

  14. I would really like to get the CP Magazine where I live. Seriously. Why not have them world-wide. When everything is world-wide there will be no arguments about “why come we don’t get this and they do.” Lets hope that happens so we won’t have arguments. Maybe we can convince the CP team.

  15. It is VERY unfair that some countries aren’t getting everything! Thank goodness Club Penguin Magazine came to Mexico (from what I’ve heard) but what about other things? Smoothie codes? Anniversary Quiz Cards? Other merchandise like bags, pencil cases, shoes…

    P.S. I’m pretty sure the magazine will go to U.S. soon.

    P.P.S. I agree with Rookigy577. American guys, please stop and think of what else you’ve got. Yeah, it feels bad to not have the magazine, smoothie codes, etc. but what about the toys? You guys received them earlier than ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!

  16. Well, for me, I would love to see the Merch come to the U.S. (and other countries to make it fair.) I seem to buy the merchandise for the merchandise, not just the code. Like, the quiz cards, they seem fun (kind of weird considering I’m not a little kid, but you can have fun at 14, right? :P) I don’t often CARE about the merch coming because of the codes. It would be nice to buy the stuff (considering the fact I’m 14 and own 95% of the mix and match figures ever made…weird, yes.) and I think, you know, if you can’t produce the stuff here, because the company is in another country, that’s okay. There’s some stuff we get that other countries want.

  17. I live in Canada where CP was born and I search EVERYWHERE there is HARDLY ANY thing! They have membership cards but there are too pricey. I found a store that DID sold toys but there was about 4 left and I went there the next day it was ALL gone! IF they do have a promotion like the Innocent it HAS to be worldwide. Its been bugging me alot :|

  18. Train, I think it would be a good time to put that list I made in this post. Remember? I forgot the post, but it’s in a comment somewhere…

    • Yes, you said the following:

      Hi Train. I’ve been looking at other post’s comments, and I realized there is a LOT of arguments about what country has more CP stuff. So I decided to (try to at least) put it at rest.

      US gets:
      Plush Puffles
      Plush Penguins
      Card Jitsu Cards
      Video Games

      UK gets:
      Plush Penguins
      Plush Puffles
      Card Jitsu Cards
      Video Games
      School Supplies
      Quiz Cards
      Innocent Smoothie codes

      So, you tell me, from the two lists, who gets more stuff? BTW, for the UK players complaining about the figures and stuff, I got it from the toy section in CP’s website. I think this would also be a very…interesting…discussion. Don’t you agree? Plus, if some UK players can confirm some items on the list, that would be appreciated. (Don’t unconfirm, just confirm)

  19. I think it would be fair to have all Club Penguin items be available everywhere. It should be available to all of us who can play it, no matter WHERE we are from. It’s truly unfair. There are lots of things in life that are unfair but why add to the unfairness? If I had choices to make this world a more fair place, I would!!! Waddle on! ;)

  20. I would like to have the CP Magazine and Innocent smoothies worldwide. CP should treat their users with respect by releasing all their products to every country.

    Disney is a big company and does a LOT of countries.

  21. I think it’s unfair ’cause I live in Canada and I want a 3 month membership with a pink cheerleader costume and I don’t have it in any stores! :(

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