Club Penguin Times Issue #356 – Ancient Totem Curse?

Club Penguin has released a new newspaper, for the 16th of August. This is the thirty third issue of 2012 and brings us to a total of 356 published newspaper issues.

The main headline is this week’s newspaper is about Rockhopper’s treasure being cursed.

The second article in this newspaper is about the new Smoothie Smash Game.

There are the upcoming events – which ones are you looking most forward to?

The upcoming events listed in the newspaper are:

  • August 23 – New Pin
  • August 23 – Rockhopper Arrives
  • August 23 – Adventure Party
  • September 6 – New Pin

The following pages have been updated:

16 thoughts on “Club Penguin Times Issue #356 – Ancient Totem Curse?

    • YES!!!! FINALLY A REDESIGN FOR THE COFFEE SHOP! BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO CP!!!! I hate the coffee shop now because its sooo boring!!! I cant wait for the new design so it wont bore me to death every time i enter it.

  1. “EY! Get ready to smash fruit…with ya BUTT!”

    wow…all of a sudden, this fruit campaign went downhill…I dont want fruit anymore.

  2. This is bad! Think about it! If a new game comes to the Coffee Shop, what will happen to Bean Counters?!?!

    Oh, and can you try and delete inactive penguins Trainman? You said that you would try and add me one day in a comment!

    Blue 28z

  3. Great. Just great. The oldest room in Club Penguin is changing after about 7 years being the same. That’s what the best part of the Coffee Shop was, no change. Well, in my opinion.

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