Club Penguin Banana Pin Cheat – August 9th (and contest winner listed HERE!)

Club Penguin has released their sixteenth pin of 2012! It’s a Banana Peel Pin. You can find it at the Coffee Shop. The last pin that was hidden in this room was the Bean Bag Pin just a few weeks ago. This is the eleventh pin to be hidden in this room.

How do you like the pin? I think it’s nice for the Adventure Party that’s coming soon!

NOTE: Now for the contest winner. As I stated:

If multiple people guess correctly one person will be picked randomly.

Now, for those who followed the rules and also guessed correctly, we have:

Room Correct:

Dorian1453 and Rrouge

Pin Correct: (technically none of you said Banana PEEL, but I’ll let it slide this time :P)

Energezer, Ducky908, Tasarau01, Pinkano445, and Water Swamp.

There are seven names on that list. I went to and said I need a number between 1 and 7. It gave me the number 6. In order, starting with Dorian1453 and ending with Water Swamp, Pinkano445 is the sixth one. Because of that, Pinkano will win a coin code. Congratulations, see you next time I do this!

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32 thoughts on “Club Penguin Banana Pin Cheat – August 9th (and contest winner listed HERE!)

  1. yayy first won to comment this is my first time oh and thank you for this site and shouldnt i win the contest i told you the answer

  2. Congratulations to everyone! :) Win or lose, this was a fun contest! You need to have more of these Trainman1405. Like… Right now XDD

  3. I was close since I said a pile of fruit including a banana grapes apple and cherry I think that will come out in 2 weeks

  4. You said if people guessed correctly the room and the pin, each will get the corresponding prize, didn’t you?

  5. instead of a pin guessing contest, can you make a contes where you guess which room field op will be in and activtiy

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