Club Penguin Adventure Party 2012 Information

As pointed out by Club Penguin Blogger Saraapril today, the Disney UK Club Penguin page has been updated with some bits of information about the party.

The page reads:

Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit – UNLOCK THE MYSTERY! 

Avast! Our favourite pirate, Captain Rockhopper, has brought tons of fruit, new adventures and a hungry volcano idol to Club Penguin island. 

Everyone can collect fruit to feed the volcano, and member penguins can set off on a scavenger hunt to find fruity new costumes. 

At the end of week one, after working hard to appease the volcano’s hunger, the new Smoothie Smash game will be unlocked in the three fruit room areas. After the party it will take its place permanently in the Coffee Shop – giving penguins a healthy alternative to the Coffee Shop’s regular fare.

23 thoughts on “Club Penguin Adventure Party 2012 Information

    • actlly theres only 3 the red tiki hat the yellow tiki hat and the green tiki hat…you actully have to buy them with yur coins and there members only so there not free

  1. cool this party is getting better by the day…..
    well at least thats how club penguin makes it sound!

    lol first comment woot woot!

  2. I don’t really care that Club Penguin is advertizing, because the decorations are nice and now they are giving out body items to non members.
    I am sad that they are changing the coffee shop though, ‘cuz it hasen’t changed much scence Penguin Chat 3. It is one of Club Penguins oldest rooms!
    P.S. please add me on cp! I am 123kitten1

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