Ultimate Jam 2012 Updates + Membership Page Updated

Along with all of Cub Penguin’s more important updates last night, four minor but notable ones include advertisements for the Ultimate Jam and membership page updating.

There is a new login screen. You can see a room and item sneak peek in the bottom left corner.

The log off screen advertises the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam 2012. It is practically the same as the login screen.

The Clubpenguin.com homepage also has a new greeting. It allows you to preview Cadence’s new song.

The second thing is the membership page.

Here is what’s new:

Members, get ready to bust a move and rock out at the Ultimate Jam!

  • Complete the Daily Challenge to earn the rare golden microphone!
  • Chill out in the VIP Backstage and get the chance to meet Cadence
  • Style your penguin in exclusive music and dance items
  • Coming in August: Get your igloo ready for a tropical contest

An igloo contest! Woohoo! Hopefully the prize is 1 million coins again. :P

The following page has been updated:

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  1. Did you notice – “we bring the LOLz” has a spelling bug. Club Penguin usually corrects words (that have more capitals than lower case) to all capitals so it should say – “we bring the LOLZ”.

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