The Party Starts Now – Full Music Video [English Now Out!]

Here is the full music video for The Party Starts Now. It’s up in all languages.






The song will either cost $0.99 or $1.29 in United States currency. It will be available to buy starting on Tuesday, July 17th.

16 thoughts on “The Party Starts Now – Full Music Video [English Now Out!]

  1. awesome ! hey did u also notice some upcoming unreleased items ? i saw the green untied or tied sneakers :D maybe there are more new items in it or hidden sneakpeaks

  2. TRAIN ! i spotted a GRAY/Grey penguin at 1:28 in the background he is dancing in the background ! ( its the penguin behind that orange penguin with the Green/Black T-Shirt on :) )

  3. Sorry to break it to ya but these are the same as english sneak preview it’s just in a diffrent language?

  4. Train, at 0:52, look closely at the Town. This video was made in July, 6 months before the Town got redesigned so… why did they use the new Town design 6 months early?! That makes no sense!

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