Rocky and CeCe/Bella and Zendaya (plus Ultimate Jam information)

Bella and Zendaya, who play Rocky and CeCe, will be controlling their own mascots throughout the party! As said on Mashable today:

Club Penguin says Bella and Zendaya will sign on throughout the event with their own avatars to participate.

I finally get to speak with my crush and she’ll know who I am! <333333 (joking, hehe) The official press release from Disney about this party also gives us some extra information.

Disney’s Club Penguin kicked off the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam event, which transforms the #1 virtual world for kids into the biggest and most fun music and dance party ever. The party will feature guest appearances by Rocky and CeCe penguins from Disney Channel’s top-rated series, “Shake It Up,” marking the first time players will have the chance to interact with Disney Channel personalities in world. Right before the event, Club Penguin will also release its first-ever single and music video, “The Party Starts Now” in English, French, German and Spanish.

From July 19 to July 31, players will have the chance to jam like the Rocky and CeCe penguins, meet these penguin personalities in world and unlock exclusive moves based off of the characters’ signature dance styles from “Shake It Up.” Club Penguin members will also be able to dress their penguins in outfits inspired by Rocky and CeCe’s unique styles and deck out their igloos with all new music and dance themed decorations.

Additionally, during the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam event, Club Penguin and Walt Disney Records will debut the single and music video, “The Party Starts Now” by DJ Cadence. The original song was co-written by Michelle Lewis (China McClain, Lisa Loeb’s Camp Lisa, Raven Symone) and guitarist/ songwriter/producer/composer Dan Petty, two of the artists responsible for music from the hit animated series “Doc McStuffins” on Disney Junior. The video will be promoted on Disney Channel, and Disney’s YouTube Channel, and will also be available for purchase through retailers such as iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

“Club Penguin’s music parties have always been some of our most popular events, so the fact that we can bring the characters of Disney Channel’s top-rated series ‘Shake It Up’ into Club Penguin takes this event to a whole new level,” said Lane Merrifield, co-founder of Club Penguin and executive vice president of Disney Interactive Worlds. “DJ Cadence is a favorite of our players, and we know they are going to love dancing and singing along to her new single ‘The Party Starts Now.'”

As part of the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam event, players can use their imaginations to become whatever they want to be with a variety of new activities and roles:

Players can get up on stage and perform solo dance routines or find a group of friends and dance together.

Penguins will be able to choreograph and organize their own shows.

Players can help coach and improve other performances.

Camera-savvy penguins can film shows and performances.

Players can become make-up artists and help performers get stage-ready.

Penguins can watch DJ Cadence perform “The Party Starts Now” on stage and dance along to her new song.

Members can get exclusive backstage access and have the chance to meet DJ Cadence.

Once players have practiced their dance moves with the Rocky and CeCe penguins in the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam event, they will have a chance to show off their skills by participating in Disney Channel’s “Make Your Mark: Shake It Up Dance Off.” With the consent of a parent, kids ages 8-16 are invited to visit to create and submit their own short dance videos to be considered for a chance to compete in the on-air dance competition. Dance videos can be choreographed or freestyle and up to 45-seconds long, with a maximum of five dancers.

Visit to get the party started.

34 thoughts on “Rocky and CeCe/Bella and Zendaya (plus Ultimate Jam information)

  1. I don’t get it – if they’re controlling their penguins, then why do they have pre-written phrases? (Then again, I have seen penguins say other stuff that’s not pre-written) And, how will they have the time to control their penguins all day? (Something tells me it’ll only be about a server a day they’ll control them, the other moments will be employees of Club Penguin or robots) I hope they still have the Penguin Band. I haven’t got a chance to add them yet, and they’re they only mascots (next to Cadence) I’m looking forward to.

    • prewritten phrases are just to save time. it’s like their version of safe chat messages. Club Penguin has a team dedicated to controlling mascots.

    • Polo Field’s twitter said that the bot thing with the mascots are just a myth, he also said our team does the working and chatting. (They have a group for that)

  2. OMG…. Doc Mcstuffins animated it? Thats interesting….. China McClaim wote part of it? Weird…. I really want to know who is singing the song… Also since the party is like 2 weeks long, does that mean they are going to stay at the HQ for like 2 weeks? (Also sleep their?) So maybe their twitter will tweet were they are?!? :) And do you think some part of the time will be employee’s controlling it?

  3. when rocky and cece come all the penguins (boys) will put cece or rocky a heart and rocky and cece will run Lolz
    also when I met aunt artic one penguin (girl) said her: honey and put her a heart and I was like ?? Lolz

  4. its funny that cece is showing her backside and rocky is in a normal stands in the new player card bg, hmmmm? but still rocky/zendaya way better/HOTTER!!

  5. This. Is. The. Best. Music. Jam. EVER!!!! I mean, Rocky and Cece coming did kick it up a notch, not making it the best, but better. But the fact that sometime the ACTUAL ACTORS may be on it, well, I’m about to scream. I’m pressing that applause button a few times on the bottom right (they better include it this music jam, if they forget, I’m putting on my Hulk costume).

    • Here’s a song: Oh the incredible hulk,
      Why do you be so dull.
      and angry and shouty,
      your loud and grouchy.
      why cant you have some fun?!


    • It might be the dances you get from the items at the daily challenge. Feel free to email CP about it. :)

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