Club Penguin Party Invitation: Trainman1405 Turns 6 on Club Penguin! (OVER)

CURRENTLY AT: Over, thanks for coming!

Something I consider to be a huge milestone and achievement is coming up in just a few more days. My penguin, Trainman1405, is turning six (6) years old very soon! (365 days in a year, and 365 days * 6 = 2,190 days) As of writing this post (Thursday, July 26th) my penguin will be six in just 7 more days/a week, on Thursday, August 2nd. I had joined Club Penguin on August 4, 2006, shortly before the sports party. My penguin turns six on the 2nd instead of the 4th due to leap years and all that. Anywho, to celebrate turning six I will be having a party next Friday on August 3rd. I’d host it on the weekend but I leave for the beach next Saturday. ;^)

The details are as follows:

WHO: Trainman1405
WHAT: Turns 6 on Club Penguin
WHEN: Friday, August 3rd at 8:00 AM PST (if you need time zone conversions just ask)
WHERE: Powder Ball, starting at the Cove
WHY: Why not? :D

We are just going to chill and have fun, play some games, and hopefully unlock a few stamps along the way at the party. I hope to see you there!

Also – I know it says I have 263 friends, but my list really is full. It always gives that number for some reason. I’m at 499 friends. (The limit is 500 but I keep it at 499 so I can still receive requests)

161 thoughts on “Club Penguin Party Invitation: Trainman1405 Turns 6 on Club Penguin! (OVER)

  1. Your calculation is wrong, you have to take into account leap years.
    You’ll actually be 6 years old when your penguin is 2192 days old :)

  2. I joined around 6 months after you. I would have joined a week or so earlier, but I didnt know how to spell penguin (it’s a LOOONG story). Well, there’s an excuse for you to eat cake on that day XD

    • That’s so weird I did the same thing!!!!!!!!!!! Except it was 2 years before I couldnt spell penguin, I joined in July 2008

  3. ;(
    Can’t come, at that time I’m going to be heading back from the beach.

    My penguin is turning 5 years old on my real birthday, August 11th (taking leap days into account). My real self will turn 13.

  4. BTW, two things:

    1) Is there any way I can be notified if someone replied to my comment on this site?

    2) Bug: Aunt Arctic appeared to be online for me. I don’t know if you have already been told by someone else.

    • When commenting there is a option you can click called “Notify me of follow-up comments by email”. It’s not just for your comments though, I believe. Nobody else mentioned the bug but if I have it I’ll post it on my CP bugs website.

  5. Cool! Im coming!

    Sadly, I hold a party to celebrate my penguin in April (month i joined cp) but NOBODY CAME! I felt like the meme forever alone…

    By the way…I joined club penguin in April 19 2008, few days before the Rockhopper Arrival party

    Have a great time!

  6. Hi, Trainman! I know you’re parties ALWAYS rock:) But, unfortunately I believe I will probably start school that day…at that exact time!!! I will try my best..and keep you posted…You can also send me an invite by email to all of your parties!

  7. hey umm.. i live in england so i dont know what time it is!!! im verry young so dont make fun of me :( ok please respond i really wanna come

  8. what time in philipphines? because if it is AM i cannot join because i have school on friday(yes i have school cause i am at the other side of the world and i have schools on moday to friday) so please if it is AM please change the time cause i really want to go to a party,never went to your party yet,any party and i really want to go to that party because if i wont be able to join that party ill be sad and not visit your site often anymore D:

  9. Hey there train! I’ve seen you have not updated your trackers lately!!(before you hired us!) So should we help you update your tracker?

  10. Hey Trainman! Can you please help me on my website? When I make a post the sidebars go to the bottom I am using Magazine theme. I can add you on the site if you want? Help appreciated Thanks!

  11. hello I am French Trainman1405 jadore your site and I would like to add you to my friends that it was me and its for hours on that server it thank you very much and good slides

  12. Soooooo sorry but I am going to be in West Virginia helping poor people for a mission trip. I feel stupid, im part of the tracking team.:( :( :( :(

  13. I’m going to go :D I’m glad to know i’m not the only teenager (i’m 15) who plays club penguin :) My penguin is only 1160 days old (3 years and a few months?) :I Much younger than yours I feel like a newbie.

  14. will you be adding people since im a huge man and I am friends with nearly every mascot so if you add me we can work together

  15. Please add me i met you yesterday at the Cadence and Rocky and CeCe meet up thingy remember me? I was at the cove with you i was a Red penguin with that Rainbow coat on and green hat.

  16. There has been a lot of times when people come and the room is full so will you be able to open your igloo on the map since most of the rooms are going to be full since your here. (sorry if its too long)

    Your Biggest Fan,
    Lance Jin

  18. so you have 499 friends? or do you have 263 friends but it will be good if you can add some people at the party.

    • I’ve got 499 but I trimmed it down a bit so I can add. :) It always says 263 because on my buddy list 263 names show, but there are lots of other penguins on my list without names that I cannot click on.

    • oh same I have penguins without names which I cant click its a real pain isn’t it plus im going to your party 10 minutes earlier before it gets full.

  19. You only went to the “rare” penguins igloos. “Heyy look hes rare! Lets go to his igloo.” Try to make it fair next time :\

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