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While I personally have not received a copy of this email (have you?) it’s been brought to my attention by Caldog9 that Club Penguin is sending a select few a new email. It’s not a parent update newsletter. It is just a general email from Club Penguin promoting some of the products they offer. It mentions the sticker album, Club Penguin Magazine, how to get a free 7 day membership, and the Disney Store for Club Penguin Merchandise.

12 thoughts on “New Club Penguin Email

  1. Train, I got super exciting news about 3 items soon to be at the super hero takeover. You remember the cosmic, icy, and lightning gloves? Well, in the magazine, they said they make super snowballs, and after watching that Game On commercial, in the plaza there is an icy and lightning explosion. So basically, the gloves make SNOWBALL GRENADES or something like that. CP is getting violent, but it will be awesome for snowball fights. Please post this info.

    • CP is NOT getting violet, Rsnail said few days ago, Club Penguin had pirates, ninjas etc. before Disney. As one kid said: CP is getting violet. I’m not saying Disney is ruining CP, they are, but CP is not getting violent.


    • No, I mean with explosions and stuff. And buildings being set on fire. Although, I really like this party. I think it’s about time CP made stuff for its older audience. And are you saying Disney is ruining CP? Trust me, it’s not. Disney is actually helping CP. without disney, CP would’ve been broke by now. I was on before Disney bought CP. trust me, it was kinda boring. I actually quit for a month or two. Without Disney, CP wouldn’t be the #1 virtual world today. Sorry for the rant, but I get emotional about this stuff. CP is my life (yeah, look at me, the nerd with no life) LOL

  2. Trainman I think that email is for u.k only Because all the stuff on it is only for the u.k and that the reason u prob. did not get the email i did not get it either

  3. Are the magazines still sold in England only? because in little letters it says:”Available now from participating newsagents and supermarkets.”

  4. TRAINMAN TRAINMAN !!! u got to see this ! Today i went to the IceBerg ( a room on clubpenguin ) or its Ice burg idk , and u should look to the water around it! The color of the water is different and u can see a part on the underwater part of the iceberg !!!

    I do not know if u already noticed this but annyway if not, please post and give credit :) i would feel honored :)

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