Club Penguin YouTube Video: New Igloo Experience

A brand new video has been uploaded to Club Penguin’s YouTube Channel by Happy77. Nothing is actually said in the video about what you can do, however I think the sneak peek on these new features is pretty cool and looks rather promising – I just hope we can search for items by name, as I’ve got hundreds of different items in my inventory that I’ve accumulated over the years.

What are your thoughts on the teaser? How soon do you think these features will be released?

New features:

  • Redesigned inventory system
  • Igloo backgrounds
  • Save igloo flooring
  • Multiple igloos
  • No igloo
  • Igloo liking feature
  • Catalogue/icon redesigns

I hope new igloo music is released along with these updates!

12 thoughts on “Club Penguin YouTube Video: New Igloo Experience

  1. It seems you can only have 3 igloo designs. Maybe more likes will give you more design spaces? I wouldn’t be surprised if more stamps come soon concerning ‘liking’.

  2. Remember in a blog Billybob made that Arctic White was going to come in the next few months for And was going to come with a new experience. Maybe Arctic white will be released!

  3. You forgot one, take a look at the toolbar @ 0:02 they FINALLY changed the ‘house’ icon to an ‘igloo’ one.
    Wow that took some time to change that, the home button was weird …there are no igloos with roofs you silly :P

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