Card-Jitsu Codes Being Given Away THIS SUNDAY (6/17) [Details]

I’ve had these codes for a while now, and I’m finally giving them away – two Card Jitsu codes that were kindly given to me by an old friend. Could one of these codes be a golden Card-Jitsu code? ;-)

They will be published in a separate post at 8:00 AM PST this Sunday, June 17th. If you need a time zone conversion then comment below with your country or state. (Or if you don’t want to name where you live, just name a country or state that has the same time zone as yours. Either works!)

I apologise if you will be in church at this time, but don’t worry – there will be more future giveaways! Here is a PST clock if you’d like to keep an eye on the time easily.

Good luck, and make sure you refresh the homepage often around 8:00 AM PST this Sunday so you’ll see the codes appear in the new post when I publish them!

63 thoughts on “Card-Jitsu Codes Being Given Away THIS SUNDAY (6/17) [Details]

  1. What time is it in British Summer Time? PS. Train on your website none of these posts are showing up. I only see them on your RSS feed! The last post is the one with Lane Merrifield giving a speech.

  2. dude in china its 11 pm on a sunday that sucks how am i supposed to do it unless more than one person can enter the codes

  3. And theres something new, if you go to the cave mine, you will hear the team blue vs team red play from the stage or something like that, i hope thats a clue that the penguin games may return in august

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