Club Penguin Black Helm Pin Cheats

Club Penguin has released their ninth pin of 2012! It’s a Black Helm Pin. You can find it at the Cove. The last pin that was hidden in this room was the Checkered Flag Pin back in August 2011. This is the ninth pin to be hidden in this room.

Two weeks from now, when Club Penguin releases a new pin, it will be the Scorn Crest Pin.

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6 thoughts on “Club Penguin Black Helm Pin Cheats

  1. hey train new login screen is out.the answer is the bat pin in 2011 during the halloween party.this is the 7 pin hidden in this room.

  2. Train,have you blogged about that wig called The Giddy? I just found it.
    If you want the ID,just ask me.

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