No, Penguin City Was NOT Taken Down By Disney

While I am not one that participates in Club Penguin Private Servers due to the fact that they are illegal and making Club Penguin lose money, there is a bit of news going around that I want to debunk. Apparently there was a CPPS called Penguin City. The homepage had looked like this:

But within the past 24 to 48 hours, it was “seized by Disney Online Studios”. Now the homepage looks like this:

Normally when a website is seized it’s a single image with text in it, like this for Megaupload. The Penguin City one is several images and text.

But the Penguin City homepage still looks real, right? Nope. Further examination reveals that the takedown is fake and Disney did not actually take it down at all. Here’s my proof:

  1. If you view the web page’s coding it says “This domain has been seized by Disney Online Studios Canada in accordance to the SCADA act.” There is no act called SCADA.
  2. The register/play files still exist – technically you can play. If it was a real takedown you would not be able to play or register or anything.
  3. Unlimited is misspelled
  4. If it was seized by Disney Online Studios Canada, why are United States laws applied? It would be under Canadian jurisdiction.
  5. As said above, when a website it taken down it’s just a single image. No text, css, multiple images, etc like on the Disney one.
  6. They forgot the first ‘(‘ where it says “17 U.S.C § 506”
  7. There is no such thing as an unlimited fine as mentioned

Just wanted to debunk it and say it is not an official takedown by Disney. However, you should still stay away from private Club Penguin servers. They may be fun, but they are illegal! Maybe they wouldn’t have so many bugs if you kept your membership rather than having a free one on the private server, since memberships = profits = able to spend money to fix and create new things.

9 thoughts on “No, Penguin City Was NOT Taken Down By Disney

  1. Hmm, yes quite right. If people didn’t go on CPPS, Club Penguin would probablly be a lot more bug free, but I guess they do have to work a bit harder because I think they’re a bit lazy at the moment, with all bugs and that.

  2. Your proofs are totally TRUE. I don’t think FBI can take down Canadian things and I live in Canada I can approve your proofs. If Disney Canada take down a private server so why American Anti-Piracy pictures?

  3. I’ve seen Disney get mad over private servers, and they do it by email (from the best of my knowledge Disney has emailed owners of CPPS and told them to take it down), and everyone would be told first. Wow.

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