Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker April 2012

Aunt Arctic has arrived on Club Penguin for the 2012 Earth Day Party! This is the first time she has attended Earth Day on Club Penguin. If you are lucky enough to meet her you’ll unlock her stamp if you have not already. If you open up her playercard you’ll also be able to add her and get her background. She is giving away the one from the Holiday Party.

Here is Aunt Arctic’s current location:

Aunt Arctic Tracker 2012

Tips on finding Aunt Arctic on your own

Aunt Arctic is mainly found in crowded servers, but can and will visit more quiet ones. You have the best chance finding her in any of the decorated rooms.

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7 thoughts on “Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker April 2012

  1. I met Aunt Arctic during Holiday Party 2011 and I added her as my friend.
    Why I cannot open her playercard, or any other famous penguins playercards? o_O

  2. Hey train one day i was doing just fine then i logged on and MY PENGUIN WAS BANNED please please post this on your blog and tell people to send in votes if i should be unbanned im begging you

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