Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt 2012 Clues + ANSWERS

Club Penguin updated one of their files a few minutes ago, and after a little bit of looking I found out what’s new – they added 8 Easter Egg Hunt scavenger clues! Because of this I can easily guess where the eggs are ahead of time. I did double check to make sure the clues are not from a previous year. Here are the 8 clues, in order. The prize will be the Yellow Bunny Ears. The room (they are GUESSES, not official) is in bold next to the clue. If you think I’m wrong for any of them, which room do you think it is describing?  I’m curious to hear.

  • The first egg’s hid near shining gold, Somewhere deep and dark and cold. Underwater Lake
  • The next egg’s found near works of art, Plus lots of books to make you smart! Book Room
  • This next egg’s near a snowy shore. It’s hidden well. You must explore. Beach
  • Now head towards a wooden shack. You’re doing well, you’re right on track! Mine Shack
  • Search now near a tall white chair, For watching waves. The egg is there. Cove
  • The next one’s sure to make you smile. Just like you, this egg’s got style. Gift Shop
  • The next egg’s near a chair that lifts. You’re getting close, you must be swift! Ski Village or Mountain
  • The last egg’s near a big, bright light. You’re almost done, the end’s in sight. Lighthouse Beacon

Pretty cool! I’m guessing the 2012 Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt will begin two weeks from now on April 4th, since Easter is on April 8th.

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  1. Can’t wait! First St. Patrick’s Day ‘event’ and now another Easter hunt? They’re doing great in my opinion this year! (Although I have attended other St. P Day parties and Easter hunts.)

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