Club Penguin Memories Tracking Team Members

Hi everyone,

As you might recall, the other day I asked for you to submit a little something if you want to be considered for the Club Penguin Memories tracking team, where you are given access to update my tracker. It was a tough decision (and the turnout was bigger than expected) but I ended up picking ten members. If you were not picked, don’t worry! I still have everyone’s submissions saved. If I need to do more hiring in the future I will be sure to look at applications again. I just don’t want a huge team right now where not everyone has the chance to update the trackers due to so many different people having access. The team members are:


If your name is there, be sure to check your email! Congratulations to you ten. :)

25 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memories Tracking Team Members

  1. Hello Trainman!

    When you listed the names for the tracking team, I was really happy that you picked me for one of them! :)

    You said to check your email on the post. I couldn’t find one from you! I looked in the my Inbox, Spam, and Trash. Of course, I think this could be my fault. I must of just skimmed through my e-mails because I went on my emails before I went to your site and looked at the list.

    So, I am very sorry, but can you send an email again? If you do thank you very much! :)


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