Club Penguin April Fools Day Party 2012 Rooms

Club Penguin has updated one of their files, listing what three or four rooms at the 2012 April Fool’s Day Party will be. I do not know if this is all the rooms but it seems unlikely. However, I have been wrong and the past and could be wrong again. The three dimensions listed are:

  • Strange Dimension
  • Zany Dimension
  • Orange Dimension

There is also a fourth new room, without a name. The music playing is the stage play music for Haunting of the Viking Opera. The three dimensions listed above have different music from last year’s Medieval Party playing. I do not know why.

10 thoughts on “Club Penguin April Fools Day Party 2012 Rooms

    • that would be interesting. And it actually is a good thought. Remember in the animation, it had the penguin in front of the swirly purple background, just like the box dimension!
      Oh yeah, and in that animation, the penguin was white. One of your exclusives was the color white for our penguins. Could they be related?

      • Yes and no. In Club Penguin’s files since you’re not actually logged in to the game the penguin becomes either dark black or white. If it was actually in game the penguin would be whatever colour your penguin is instead of white.

  1. There are 2 places the orange puffles may be: Orange Dimension or Zany Dimension. The reasons it could be both is because the Orange dimension is going to be related to orange and Orange puffles are Zany so lets just think: Witch is more simple to shove the orange puffles in?

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