A Few More Unreleased Items

Once again Club Penguin has updated their items file with more unreleased items. Yesterday I posted that there’s a new Rookie Background and today I’m back again, this time with six new unreleased items.

Body Items:

  • Submarine Suit for 0 coins (members only)

Head Items:

  • Heavy Hat for 0 coins (for nonmembers too)


  • Beach Chair Pin (free, for everyone)


  • Cleaned Up Dock Background (for nonmembers too and is free)

These next two items are most likely ones that unlock with certain penguin plush toys to go along with the newly updated treasure book. They’re both free, for nonmembers, and are body items.

  • The Trenchcoat Reporter
  • The Explorer Costume

28 thoughts on “A Few More Unreleased Items

  1. Is it allowed to talk about cheating ? And i think how to find the clubpenguin files, it has to do somethinge to i with the caxhe and with about:cache ?

  2. i find some files i only do this , first i login on clubpenguin but i don’t choose a server, then i delete my cache, then i choose a server , then when im in the server ( so i am now at the town or another room ) then i go to my browser and then i type , the word ” cache” or ” about:cache” :) and is it allowed to perm those items ( the reporter costume and that explorer costume thing ) because i can’t buy clubpenguin toys so i always try to get items and i have to say that i don’t like cheating, but i don’t got another option to get unlock items :’

  3. I emailed cp about the famous penguin that would come and i asked if we would see rookie and klutzy and they said that it was a really good guesse so i think we will see klutzy on the party to :)

  4. trainman, i asked cp about that serverhopping thing and they said that there are still some small bugs but its almost finished :)

  5. Cleaned up Dock, eh? I think this is when the Black Out will occur (as I pointed out in another post, the Beach appears flooded, I guess as a result of Herbert trying to attack it).

    Also, the script for Operation: Black Out had Rookie in it. And guess who is appearing at this party? ;)

  6. Theres our Members Room Item.. The heavy hat im guessing is at the dock and its an anchor like hat.. Cleaned up dock is probably from completing a task or scavenger hunt? The beach chair pin is next weeks pin.. And the Party Starts it 2 weeks. Cant wait to meet rookie, and see that Unknown character.(who i think is that old looking crab that we saw a few months ago in the Login Screen for EPF! What a revealing and EPIC expedition this is going to be!

    • The “old looking crab” was Klutzy, Herbert’s accomplice. I doubt he will ever become a meetable character because 1.) he can’t speak and 2.) If anyone found him, we would caputure him because he is a crmiinal.

    • Maybe if the EPF were smarter at the time Herbert hibernated,they could have bought Klutzy to another place and lock him instead of putting him in the same place as where Herbert was hibernating (Crabs don’t hibernate) and may not have easily escaped.

  7. What does the Trenchcoat reporter look like? Is it the light Trench coat, or the Dark Trench coat? That would be cool if it was the Dark Trench coat that became an unlock.

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