Club Penguin December 2011 Clothing Catalog Hidden Items

After leaking what all the items in the catalog we’re going to be, they’ve finally been released in the twelfth and final clothing catalog of 2011.¬†The main theme of the new items in this catalog is clothes for the winter holidays!

Here are the new cheats in this catalog:

Click the penguin in the Snowflake Costume’s foot for the Tundra Board, which costs 400 coins.

Click the square on the sign for the Big Bad Wool Hooves, which cost 200 coins.

Click the circle on the sign for the Wool Socks, which costs 100 coins.

Click the tip of the tree for the Tree Costume, which costs 600 coins.

Here are the old cheats:

Click the flower bud in the bottom right corner for the Pink Flower Sandals and Blue Flower Sandals, which cost 160 coins each.

Click the blue penguin’s flipper for the Brown Leather Cuffs, which cost 100 coins.

Click the paintbrush.

When you do, the Red Viking Helmet will appear.

Open and close it four times for the Blue Viking Helmet.

Click the window for the Golden Fairy Wings (350), Girls Pilot Cap (330), and Fairy Flight Outfit. (400)

Click the other window for the Flashlight, which costs 120 coins.

Click the third window for the Candy Corn Costume, which costs 100 coins.

Click the middle of the stage for the Frankenpenguin Outfit.

Click the unicorn penguin’s eyes for the Horse Costume.

Click the penguin’s mouth for the Superhero Mask, which costs 100 coins.

Click the tip of the tree for the Fuzzy Boots, which cost 250 coins.

Click the blue triangle on the banner for the Blue Duck, which costs 50 coins.

Click the top of the mountain for the Green Wheeler, which costs 400 coins.

What is your favorite new item in this catalog? Below is a video of all the cheats.

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  1. these actually arent cheating cheating is downloading yourself a trainer and using its most ovibouse cheats only to get you banned like my cousin fred did these are hidden items and in my opinion that poser happy77 should be banned

  2. hi guys its me again. your cheats are awesome and everytime im online i check the site. happy77 this isnt a cheat cheat. cheats are downloading hacks also known as trainers to cp.

  3. sorry about that its a fake.everything i said on the first and second commenst are fake. sorry. ill try to stop getting myself hacked. my appoligies

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