Club Penguin Coins For Change 2011 Sneak Peek

Here’s an exclusive image of Coins For Change 2011, thanks to Mikeymkwii. It’s of the Beach. As you can see there is a HUGE donation bin filled with coins. There are also different snowmen promoting the different categories you can donate to, and even a small stage!

Some things to point out:

  • Pinkyunicorn, Gigglebunnie, Chuchu Br, Banquisee, Badab0um, and Dubbl Bubbl are the staff members penguins
  • Ohh…and is that Trainman1405 in the picture? :D (I edited it in, as I said above Mikeymkwii found it on a website)
  • The penguin who took this picture (Pinkyunicorn) still has the old PSA Spy Phone

Very cool! Both Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic will be visiting for the Holiday Party and Coins For Change.

64 thoughts on “Club Penguin Coins For Change 2011 Sneak Peek

  1. Thanks Trainman1405! Wanna know how I got the image? I searched Google for “Club Penguin”. Then, I opened the search tool that lets you search for updated sites by the hour. And that’s how I found the image.

    • It was said in a game website that posted about the Holiday Party. Not only that, but Aunt Arctic is in the new login screen and parent newsletter. It’s all but obvious.

  2. Train, in the parent app you can get postcards from your dad mom or both! The choices are 100-500. These are really cool! You can even give your self coins!

  3. WHO CARES how he got in the Holiday Party picture, leave him alone and just wait until the party next week… It can’t be that hard to wait.

  4. People! I found the image and he wasn’t in it. Stop thinking that he was actually there. One more thing, Jetpack Guy0, he was not on a mod server. It was a source that Club Penguin let them share that picture with the internet. I FOUND THE IMAGE. It said in the post “thanks to Mikeymkwii.” which means I found the image. For proof, look at the comments on his last post. It says:

    “Hey Trainman! Here is an exclusive link to a sneak peek:

    Check it out! Also, make a post about it!”

    So stop saying that he took that image. It really does make me feel bad when you don’t take the time to read his posts fully. We all know the original picture was found here:

    As you notice, he is not on the picture. Now tell me how he got on there. (I already know)

    • This ^^ people tend to take stuff from my posts, so for fun I figured I’d just edit my penguin in. It wasn’t that hard to do lol. Mikeymkwii found the picture on another website, I saved it to my computer, took a picture of my penguin, and pasted it into the picture.

  5. DUDE! I know! I’m not dumb. I knew it was edit already!
    Even the first time. So, you guys stop thinking it was him that got it. I already knew!! THANK YOU FOR TELLING THEM!

    • I tried to make it obvious but not too obvious it was an edit – I had even given credit in the post. I think it’s a bit more clear now.

  6. hey train. there is this party that Taz and Dis and others are holding. im going. do u want to go to the party too? its on server mukluk, today at 2:00 EST.

  7. Dude, I’m not a meanie. (what a childish word) You could have told me. O.O I wasn’t even talking to you?! I was talking to Denis. Try to see that I replied to him. Well, duh. Do you have eyes to see? Well, IDK really.

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