Club Penguin To Release A New Game Soon!

Just a little something  I noticed on one of Club Penguin’s videos. Happy77 said a new game will be coming out after the Halloween Party….what do you think it will be? Card-Jitsu? Pufflescape? Something else?

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7 thoughts on “Club Penguin To Release A New Game Soon!

  1. It is going to be Card Jitsu Ice / Snow.. Im sure about that, because if you check here: and click Whats New, there reads “And coming in November: Prepare for an epic Card-Jitsu Party and Tournament!”

    So its pretty clear that it is going to be card jitsu, im.. confused if im wrong.

  2. its gonna be puffle scape because it sayd ‘add pufflescape’ in the cp whiteboared i think card jitsu snow will come late in november or december D:

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