Club Penguin Great Snow Race 2011

Today in the 302nd issue of the Club Penguin Times newspaper a brand new party was announced. It’s a brand new one, something we don’t see in Club Penguin too often. In the background you can see a crab coming out of the Everyday Phoning Facility, possibly and most likely Klutzy. What is he doing there?

If you click “Read more” for the article you’ll see that he is rather nervous.

He says stuff like:

  • I simply can’t get enough um…extreme walking! And…. intense reading!
  • I’m very – what’s the word? Ah yes, stoked. I’m very stoked for the racing and such.

Last time I checked extreme walking and intense reading are not sports. Not only that, but the fact that Gary is hosting it means something. He seems nervous like he is hiding information with us. It seems EPF related as the interview of all places took place right outside the Everyday Phoning Facility and you can see a crab scooting away.

Then there’s the July 2011 newsletter sent by the Club Penguin Team letting us know the party will have “more than a few surprises” and “a lot of agents will be required”.

At past parties agents have not been required. What’s with us suddenly going to be needed in two weeks? What do you think? Either way, I know this party will be exciting and will please all penguins alike!

5 thoughts on “Club Penguin Great Snow Race 2011

  1. We all know that Klutzy is very fast so I think Gary make this snow race because he wants us to follow klutzy location.

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