What Happened To Puffle Launch & Card-Jitsu Coming To iOS?

Nearly a month ago I made a post saying that in the Portuguese magazine “Recreio” there was an article on Club Penguin. In it, it said Card-Jitsu was coming to the app store on June 30th (since passed, obviously). It also said Puffle Launch was coming to the app store on July 28th which was….. yesterday. Huh?

Either the magazine gave incorrect dates, or after publishing the dates were changed. I wonder why? I did email Club Penguin about this after hearing about the mobile apps, and they said this:

We’re always exploring how to let you experience what you love about Club Penguin in new and exciting ways, and bringing some of the fun to the devices you use most is a big part of that. We can’t tell you more right now, but we promise when we have specific details to share we’ll let you know!

In their reply, if you break the response down, in a way they did indeed indirectly confirm mobile apps. So when do you think Puffle Launch and Card-Jitsu (and maybe other Club Penguin apps?) will be available for download? I hope it’s soon!

4 thoughts on “What Happened To Puffle Launch & Card-Jitsu Coming To iOS?

  1. The Cub Penguin apps are confirmed but the release dates and specific games names are confusing! =/ Let’s hope Disney doesn’t get greedy and releases the app for Android too.

  2. But… That would be cool for androids. iPhone is popular, and it probably won’t be the BEST app ever made. Still, looking forward too it… Androids must be harder.

  3. Recreio is made by kids, have you seen the penguins playing Card Jitsu? They’re not even ninjas, they also only have 10 cards! I liked this magazine when I was younger! :)

    • I doubt Recreio is made by kids, it’s probably a publishing company (run by adults) where they review kid content. They probably quickly made penguins to take the needed pictures.

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