Club Penguin Free Unlimted Furniture Duplicating Bug

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A friend of mine has discovered an awesome new bug to get free furniture that stays when you log off!

First off, head to your igloo.

Then open up your spy phone and click the tape measure button to edit your igloo.

Make sure the item you want to duplicate is in your igloo.

I took the  Mullet Fish out and put it on the wall. Also, bring up the teleport section on your spy phone.

Now that it’s in your igloo, take it out of your igloo by putting it in storage. Then pick a room to teleport to, and click it.

After you teleport to that room, go back to your igloo. Click the edit button, then hit save.

The item you took out will be in your igloo, and there will be an extra one in your inventory!

When you log off, the item will still be there!! I did it with the Moose Head – here is proof.

Thanks, Mc Computer!

3 thoughts on “Club Penguin Free Unlimted Furniture Duplicating Bug

  1. This doesn’t work anymore as of the igloo changes. Can you try to find some other way to do this? I would love that.

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