Club Penguin March 2011 Better Igloos Furniture Catalog Cheats

Club Penguin has released their third furniture catalog of 2011, for the month of March. Here is what’s new, as well as the cheats on the hidden items.

These are the new cheats:

Click the cherry in the Mint Chip Chair for the HD TV, which costs 1,000 coins.

Click the Neapolitan Lamp for the Candy Stash, which costs 10 coins.

Click the center of the Double Dunk Chair for the Marshmallow, which costs 20 coins.

Click the coin next to the Wishing Well for the Penguin Gnome, which costs 220 coins.

Click the center of the Wishing Well for the Portal Box, which costs 200 coins.

Click the cloud in the Rainbow with Pot O’ Gold for the Clover Balloon, which costs 15 coins.

Click the word “Clover” in the Clover Garland for the Green Clover, which costs 30 coins.

These are the old cheats:

Click the top of the snowfort for the Small Rock.

Click the top of the snow covered tree for the icicles.

Click the knob on the Red Stove for the Dream Catcher.

Click the Coins for Change logo for the Holiday Lights.

Click the star on the tree for the Holiday Bells.

Click the lamp on the candy cane for the Leaning Tree.

Click the wood in the Wood Stove for the Icicle Lights.

Click the Blue Bird on the snowman for the Wrought Iron Lamp Post.

Click the word scarf for the Fireplace.

Click on the top of the Iron Chandelier to get the Knight Ice Sculpture.

Here is a video of all the cheats:

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