Club Penguin Possible Future Mascots Exclusive

Today I was looking through the Club Penguin Mascot File (Mascots are people such as Rockhopper, Cadence, Gary, the Penguin Band etc) and noticed something interesting. There was 10 other mascot I have no heard of or seen in Club Penguin. Take a look at them all:

  • Herbert P Bear
  • Wheel Bot
  • Jet Bot
  • Snow Bot
  • Protobot
  • Dot
  • Rookie
  • Jet Pack Guy
  • Director
  • Klutzy

Now, what’s weird is I went to see if the penguin name “Wheel Bot” was taken, and it wasn’t. When I went to make the penguin, it said “That penguin name is not allowed.” Weird huh?

Do you think we will see these penguins in Club Penguin sometime?

10 thoughts on “Club Penguin Possible Future Mascots Exclusive

  1. Hey, um, I know this is a late comment, I saw this post a long time ago, but I checking it again, and realized: They made a typo. They said Jey Pack Guy. It’s Jet Pack Guy.

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