Club Penguin’s Spanish Blog Introduces Candomba13

Over on Club Penguin’s Spanish Blog today Polo Field (or rather, someone writing under Polo Field’s name) introduced Candomba13, a Spanish Club Penguin Team Blogger who has been translating blog posts to Spanish for the past five years! Starting today she will also be writing blog posts under her own name, too.


Club Penguin Blog: Chattabox Is Coming To An Igloo Near You!

Chattabox has announced the details of her Club Penguin meetup this week. This week’s meetup involves fair themed igloos, so get decorating! WOW – you guys sure love pizza! The party was full of pizza fans last week – nice to see that everyone agrees with me when I say “Pizza is THE BEST”. How…

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 10.27.48 PM

The Spoiler Alert – Bloopers Edition

Who doesn’t enjoy bloopers? Because Club Penguin doesn’t have any noteworthy updates coming this week besides a new newspaper and more prizes at the Fair, this week’s episode is a special edition containing bloopers from past episodes! It is quite funny to listen to.


February 21, 2014 Field Friday (Now Over)

Polo Field made a new post on Club Penguin’s Blog in which he talked about next week’s episode of The Spoiler Alert, the Fair, and this week’s Field Friday!


Rookie Meetup Times For The 2014 Club Penguin Fair

Club Penguin’s 2014 Fair is out and in addition to the Penguin Band performing, Rookie is waddling around the Fairgrounds too! He has a new background and also his usual stamp that you can earn the first time you meet him. In this post I will be keeping track of all the meetup times Club…