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Club Penguin Supports Bullying Prevention Month [Video]

Remember my post from last week about Club Penguin’s Be Heard page where you can unlock free items and they’ll donate real month to help support bullying prevention? Now a video has been made featuring Alex Angelo, the host of Radio Disney’s Saturday Night Party. Club Penguin is teaming up with him to both raise awareness and…


Penguin of the Week: Rachel819

In case you have not yet heard, Penguin of the Week is now on Thursdays rather than Fridays! Last week’s featured penguin was Rachel819.


Club Penguin Teases Their Android App

I guess in order to take the focus off Polo Field shutting down his Twitter account, Club Penguin thought it would be a good idea to post a sneak peek of their Android app. We’ve known they’re *working* on it, but it does seem like they at least now have a basic functioning copy.

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RIP: Polo Field Is Shutting Down His Twitter Account

I will be retiring this Twitter account in favour of using @clubpenguin instead. Players can always reach me on the CP blog any time. Thx! — Polo Field (@polofield) October 6, 2014 *cough* It’s Disney *cough*


October 6, 2014 Mod Monday

This week’s Mod Monday is happening right now! It’s on the server Blizzard. The moderator this week is An Engineer.