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Postcards Updated – January 2014

Club Penguin has updated their postcards for this month! Out with the old holiday ones and in with the prehistoric and miscellaneous ones.

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Weird Message at the Snow Forts!

If you watched Monday’s episode of The Spoiler Alert then you already knew this was coming, however for those of you who don’t watch the video you’ll be surprised to know that there is a message in the ground at the Snow Forts!

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January 2014 Penguin Style Released

Club Penguin has released their first edition of clothing styles for 2014 in the Clothes Shop! This is the January 2014 Penguin Style. This month there are prehistoric items as well as a few casual items.

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New Stone Scissors Pin

Club Penguin has released their new pin! As a result the Holiday Present Pin is no longer at the Boiler Room.


Club Penguin’s Forest Getting New Look; Coming To iPad Along With Cove

In addition to the Ice Rink and Mine Shack coming to the iPad at some point it appears that the Forest and Cove will be available on mobile sometime in the near future also. Not only that, but the Forest will have a new look – one I’m guessing we’ll see on regular Club Penguin…


Episode 6 of #TheSpoilerAlert – UK Takeover

In this week’s episode of #TheSpoilerAlert is hosted by Daffodaily5 along with special guests Rhubarbcrmbl, Steampowered, and Mr Slumpy – all from the Club Penguin UK Team. As usual they cover this week’s updates as well as show some other fun segments.