How the Website Started

This is all about how this website began, as well as a lot more! This site was made by Trainman1405.

Way back in December 2006 during Club Penguin’s annual Christmas Party, my friend (Bo13245 on Club Penguin – he quit and is also banned forever) was at my house. We were looking at Club Penguin Piczo sites, and we came upon one that told us how to take screenshots. A little later that day after my friend left I logged onto Club Penguin to take pictures of the 2006 Christmas Party before the decorations were to be taken down.

I didn’t take any more screenshots until the 2007 Festival of Snow. When I did, I only happened to take one or two screenshots. I never took any of the 2007 Winter Fiesta or 2007 St. Patrick’s Day parties. But after that, I continuously took pictures of every Club Penguin Party, starting with the 2007 April Fools Day Party.

The pictures just sat on my computer desktop in a folder. I had nothing to do with them. But then, one day in early December 2007 when I was home sick, I came up with the idea of making a Club Penguin Memory site. I immediately got to work. I finished the site in several days. But the site looked nothing like it does nowadays. Back then it only had several pictures of each party up to the 2007 Western Party, and that was it. No layout. Nothing about stage plays, lists about items in Club Penguin, or anything else on the site nowadays. But overtime, more and more stuff got added. The site quickly grew popular. It went from 50 hits a day to over 500 hits a day, if not more. The record this site has received in hits per day is over 1,000 hits, which happened in the middle of Spring. By the end of April 2008 the site had over 40,000 hits. A year after the site was created the site had about 98,000 hits. But the popularity of the site was going down and down.

Then, after the site reached about 101,000 hits in the end January 2009, it was put under construction suddenly. The construction topic was called “Club Penguin Memories Improvement Project”. I had a lot of work ahead of me to do. I planned on expanding the website with tons of new pages featuring pages of all the catalogs, newspapers, you name it. A lot of other miscellaneous things were added too. The pages were change look-wise. Things were removed. Things were added. The site basically got a makeover. Then, on June 1st, 2009, after several months of hard work, the site opened. (Although the catalog pages were not done, everybody wanted the website back up) The site was then re-advertised and popularity of the website went up again. The site was then fully completed on August 2nd, 2009. After that it was the normal updating.

Then, in Spring 2010 I was falling behind on CP Memories because of school. In late May 2010 I canceled my Club Penguin membership and decided I was going to stop updating CP Memories for the time being. A few fans decided to create their own spin offs of the site then, resuming where I left off. I left it at that for a while.

Then in August 2010 I was considering bringing CP Memories back. I know it was going to be lots of work, however. In September 2010, I updated a few pages. It took way to long on Piczo. In early/mid September a friend of mine, Tech163, had me start blogging for him again like I used to in Spring 2010 here and there. This brought me back to the Club Penguin Community somewhat. I still didn’t have time to update the Piczo website as it took too long.

Then in October 2010, after much debating, I decided to transfer the Piczo website page by page to WordPress for many reasons. After a few months of hard work by myself, it has become the website you’re on right now. I even managed to get a domain name,! The website was officially opened in January 2011 and has since continued to grow in popularity. On May 12, 2012 the website reached a total of 1,000,000 (one million) page views.

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  1. I remember your Piczo site :P I used to get on it a lot. I stopped for because it hadn’t been updated but then somehow (I don’t remember how) I got here. The only blog for CP I visit is this one (next to Saraapril :P)

  2. I need to read the club penguin times with my iPad so I need you to post the newspaper from the game above the coffee shop.

  3. Hey Trainman1405 your website is really popular I have some questions
    1) are you paying for this web?
    2) I have a blog too and I wanted to ask you can you visit it and tell me what can I add without paying? It is
    3) Can I use your photos about the nineteen items because me I have only thirteen photos of items.
    Thanks a lot
    Waddle on

    • 1) Yes, a .com costs about $10 each year plus web hosting which is 5-10$ a month
      2) Whatever features your site has right now is what you can do without paying. I’m visiting it right now.
      3) Sure!

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