Welcome Room

The Welcome Room was a special room for new penguins. It was added to the game in June 2011. When a new penguin logged into the game for the first time they would begin in this room and be given a short tutorial. This room was removed in December 2013.

36 thoughts on “Welcome Room

  1. weird oh ya me and my friend she logged onto her acount and she called me saying Omg im in the welcome room she said meet me there i cant find it is it on map? and where can i find it please help me out!

  2. I’ve had my penguin for yrs so I actually never got to got to go in the welcome room. But one time (& only one time its my my sisters 1st time so I actually got to see it

  3. I really wish I could spawn their but when I started clubpenguin it was old old time and it did not spawin me there

  4. I’ve only had my penguin for like 2 months and i didn’t go to the welcome room? How long has it been there? I REALLY WANT TO SEE IT!! My penguin is Cupcakes 1D

  5. IM SO AWESOME just kidding my question is…..
    Why have i never been to the welcome room? I’ve only started my penguin 2 months ago? And btw thats not my real Email! I dont have one, im only 10 LOL!

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