Member Party Room

The Member Party Room, also known as “The Party”, is usually for members, but a few times it has been for everyone, such as during the 2008 Medieval Party and 2008 Water Party. Whenever it is for members there is usually a free item or exclusive catalog for them, too. The room is in a different spot during each party and has a completely different look each time, too. Below is an example of the room, showing what it looked like during the 2010 April Fools Day Party.

19 thoughts on “Member Party Room

  1. That’s kinda not fair that the members have there own party room and non-members don’t I have to admit I love club penguin but I also think they’re kinda unfair with some stuff like the Halloween party, non-members can’t even go into certain rooms and I think that we should be able to go in the haunted house. I know members pay money but some people don’t have that money.

  2. I like a lot uv the parties but sum I just lik to hang around and not get too ” involed ” with it but sum im really serious like the Monsters University party that is happening right now

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