New Year Fireworks 2012

Keeping up the yearly tradition of fireworks for the new year, Club Penguin temporarily added fireworks to the Mountain and Iceberg on December 29, 2011. Just like usual they had sound effects to go along with it.

11 thoughts on “New Year Fireworks 2012

    • hey tea we day.I saw a penguin named tea we day afew minutes ago on club penguin but he left just as I saw him.Would that have been you?.
      plz reply on this tea we day.
      p.s if you see me on club penguin my username is


  1. im so excited about the new thiings happening this year like underwater party rockhoppers quest card jitsu snow and shadows and all of thoes things that are new

  2. Hey brod231, I don’t think that Card-Jitsu Shadow is going to come. Oh and I saw on CP yesterday! Add me. My penguin name is:- Dabbupengu

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