Penguin of the Week

Here is a gallery of past Penguins of the Week. The most recent Penguin of the Week is at the top.

Week 32, 9/04/2013 – Fishandfries


Week 31, 8/22/2013 – Vindore


Week 30, 7/31/2013 – Darth Herbert

Darth Herbert

Week 29, 6/26/2013 – Lenny Thai

Lenny Thai

Week 28, 6/6/2013 – Flames2179


Week 27, 5/15/2013 – Chilly573


Week 26, 4/25/2013 – Tesco George

Tesco George

Week 25, 3/19/2013 – A11766


Week 24, 2/24/2013 – Poonchee


Week 23, 2/16/2013 – Pluto10500


Week 22, 2/07/2013 – Nelsonbob101


Week 21, 1/31/2013 – Auroracow


Week 20, 1/20/2013 – Penny44546


Week 19, 1/14/2013 – Boba 126

Boba 126

Week 18, 1/04/2013 – Chris Dog90

Chris Dog90

Week 17, 12/17/2012 – Perapin


Week 16, 11/21/2012 – Herbert P Bear

Herbert P Bear

Week 15, 11/12/2012 – Flocho


Week 14, 11/5/2012 – Austin53874


Week 13, 10/27/2012 – Luigi755cp


Week 12, 10/20/2012 – Calicho1


Week 11, 10/13/2012 – Pochoma123


Week 10, 10/1/2012 – Azeemsky


Week 9, 9/23/2012 – Azerty15


Week 8, 9/13/2012 – Echo006


Week 7, 9/6/2012 – Gpumpkin


Week 6, 8/30/2012 – Dale Jr Is 1

Dale Jr Is 1

Week 5, 8/18/2012 – Pengumile


Week 4, 8/3/2012 – Belly18


Week 3, 7/29/2012 – Pjmgpablo


Week 2, 7/19/2012 – Pen50gi


Week 1, 7/7/2012 – Deanz101


285 thoughts on “Penguin of the Week

  1. Hey train! I was wondering if I could be the next penguin of the week?
    I come on sleet everyday and almost never logg off soo if you log on u should see me.


  2. Can I be Trainman of the week pretty please, my penguin name is (take a guess) Jjoeyxx? I will give you a code! (not really I’m dont bribe people like that)

  3. Here’s an idea for the future: Every week we will vote out of 6 penguins for two to go through to the finals. After three weeks we will have six finalists and we must vote on who should get Penguin of the Month! Maybe?

  4. hey yo train! Make me penguin of the week since I’m so good at copying and pasting exclusives from your site (and then taking credit)!

  5. Wow!
    What does it take to be penguin of the week trainman?
    If I am(which is very unlikely), my user is Chayselarue.


  6. Cool :) I’m not gonna b like all the others and ask to b one that job is completely to train. All I’m gonna say is: those penguins must be honoured and very lucky XD.

  7. Hey Train. I was just wondering if i can register for a Club penguin memories account. you should make a sign in page where you can sign up for cpmemories!

  8. I sure hope Herbert is on here because he’s taken over the site, NOT because Trainman chose him.


  9. Dear Trainman,
    How do you make a cool website like this? Do you have to pay? Can you give me the link to make a website when you reply, or you can just email me at [removed] to make it secret.
    Thanks, :)

  10. Thanks for making me penguin of the week. :D I was scrolling down your website and looked at the side… and I was like O_O

  11. CAN I PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM MY PENGUIN IS Awesomepoo75. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! FRIEND ME PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Oh no! Ive Just found something out If Herbert visited in operation blackout he will visit again!Maybe he is plotting a new plan to make clubpenguin obay him or maybe make clubpenguin a horrible island thats on fire! :O

  13. Hi! Don’t mean to sound greedy at all, but is there any chance I could be picked one day? :)
    Have a great day Train!
    (Cliky Minty) From
    Lol! :D

  14. I want to be penguin of the week and I got Gary’s old background when stamps wasn’t made!his old background is him standing next to me with cheese and numbers and a com.

  15. may i please be a penguin of the week my name is justin2467 i follow you on twitter and subscribed to you on youtube

  16. I herby nominate myself blah blah blah :P But yeah please add me to the list. Thanks! I follow this blog daily even though I’m 17 now and I’m on your buddy list.

  17. I know you get alot of reqest but can I be on here someday? Also Remember last year during the September party when we met? Well, You liked my igloo but i can’t find it to open you’r player card! So can you sned me a pic of you’r penguin?

  18. I know you get alot of reqest but can I be on here someday? Also Remember last year during the September party when we met? Well, You liked my igloo but i can’t find it to open you’r player card! So can you sned me a pic of you’r penguin?
    Train, I really want to be a “Penguin of the week” How do I do it? Waddle on!

  19. Trainman1405 You should do competion For you People on your website Each one gets to meet you on a live stream on on this website theres gonna be a Contest entry thread and who ever wins Gets to meet you in real life Devin!

  20. heres 3 reasons Herbert should not be here

    1.hes evil

    2.hes not a penguin

    3.well he has crab friends not penguin freinds

  21. It will be better if you say this ‘Penguin Of The Month’ Coz i am seeing this penguin for about 3-4 weeks ;)

  22. Can i be penguin of the week im Jojeek1 I always go on sleet (by the way do you have to wear an outfit that you always wear or anything?) please reply

  23. I wish I could be the next Penguin of the week. My name is Blackie ABC and the server I log in is to Zipline. :)

  24. make some penguins non-member of the penguin name is earthing see my outfit trainman.i like your site tooooooooooo much

  25. Hey guys and Trainman1405! Could you make me POTW of the week? Because I even have a YouTube channel called roperzcp CP! I will shout you out on a video if you make me POTW Trainman!

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