Issue 225

This is Issue 225 of Club Penguin’s Newspaper, the Club Penguin Times.┬áIt was released on February 4, 2010.

16 thoughts on “Issue 225

  1. Could you give me all the pictures of each and every newspaper that you’ve control printed so I could post them on my website. I would highly appreciate it!Email me and end them to me or you could simply allow me to copy and paste them unto my website.

  2. It is so that I have tons of more full articles of newspapers instead of having very little which I have now. I was going to also have a “Newspaper” section and I wanted to share what was in the newspapers from the very beginning. I’ll make a promise. If you share all of the newspaper articles you have and every single picture of the newspaper I will promote you and you could do the same if you feel like it. I’ll have a ‘Popular Website’ section including your website code so you will be more famous. I’ll also give you any newspaper pictures which people email me to spread the word of how great Club Penguin truly is.

    • I don’t really know. It’s great that people want to make similar websites to mine but I always feel like people are ripping off my years of hard work.

  3. I will promote people to come to your website. We could be summwhat of a team. I mean it would be neat to talk to you and share our stuff we’ve gather. Know how your missing like 30 recent newspaper articles? I have a ton that I’ve gathered and I’d me more than happy to help you out. Let me know and reply. Thanks.

  4. Hello. Thanks you’ll for all the pics. I copy and pasted them into a word document so they’re mine! :) Got all the catalogs and newspapers on this webiste. Thanks

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