Rockhopper and Bambadee in Disney World

Between April 30th and May 13th 2009, if you were to go to Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios in Florida, (United States) You’d be able to meet Rockhopper in person, as well as Bambadee. If you visited them, you’d also get a coin code to enter on Club Penguin. If you entered it, you’d unlock a special background of Bambadee and Rockhopper.

31 thoughts on “Rockhopper and Bambadee in Disney World

  1. I remember getting that background and meeting him! The background is signed by Rockhoppper AND Yarr, with Bambadee in the picture. It’s really awesome :D

  2. I saerched about the people that work in costumes at Disneyland and Eurodisney and found that people that work there r payed with a little money and have psycological problems sometimez…. I feel sorry for them :(

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