CPIP (Club Penguin Improvement Project)

Club Penguin Improvement Project (or CPIP for short) was found in Spring 2008 and news about it quickly spread around Club Penguin Blogs. Within a month of the find about CPIP, you were able to create a clone of your penguin where you would be able to login to their special servers and test things and report any bugs found. They also had some new features to add to Club Penguin when CPIP was over. Some of these game changes include:

-New Homepage Layout
-Igloo Backgrounds
-New Method to Dress Your Penguin
-New Server Selection Method
-Spy Phone no longer on player card
-Coins moved to different spot on your player card

Anybody who participated in CPIP received a Red Hard Hat. Also, during the April Fools Day Party all penguins were turned into Green Puffles, but only in the CPIP Servers.

15 thoughts on “CPIP (Club Penguin Improvement Project)

  1. In the music jam 2010 they got the orange double-necked guitar before it was released to the public you know.

  2. y is it not working any more me and my freind have looked up cpip 2011 cpip the new one cpip hack to get in even know its closed and i can semm to get it who ever had it is lucky

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