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  1. Hey bro, Nice website you got here. It has so much information on Club Penguin. I was wondering if our site could be placed on your blogroll? We will do the same in return? Thanks bro!


    • Is your email the one you used in order to comment on this website? If it is, I will email you once you tell me.

    • :o Train, no lo vas a creer pero esta mañana me soñe con este comentario tuyo y hoy me puse a mirar paginas de cpm y lo encontre

  2. Hey Trainman I got a quick question:
    Did you hack your coins? Or did you earn them? Thanks a lot.
    -Pinbrain4 in CP

    • Hey there,

      Back in summer 2008 a glitch was found in DJ3K and other games where you could keep getting coins without much effort. (I believe you hit the tab key a few times then held down enter and the coins would keep adding without stopping)

      Just look up one million coins glitch for DJ3K up on YouTube or Google, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The glitch was quickly fixed. Hopefully this all makes sense. I guess you could say I didn’t earn them since it was manipulating a game, however they weren’t hacked. :)

  3. Ohh cool!
    Dang I wish I was around then.
    Another question:
    Are you on CP everyday? You seem to do and know like everything!
    Sorry to keep bugging you but also how many pins you have?
    -Pinbrain4 in CP

    • I try to go on Club Penguin everyday, although nowadays I mostly go on only when there is updates.

      I have 139 pins – my first one was the pencil in September 2006.

      Also don’t worry, you aren’t bugging me lol.

  4. Ohh and by the way:
    Maybe we could go on CP sometime. I’m not a member and I’m a huge fan of yours.
    It would be SOOOOO awesome if you could.

    • Possibly. I’m usually quite busy, aside from when I’m updating this website. I’ll try to make time for it sometime soon. ;)

    • I played up to 6 or 7. Tomorrow and over the weekend I’ll be playing much more & filming level tutorials.

  5. Well, I am amazed. You easily have the best Club Penguin cheats website. No other website has every single catalog, party, newspaper, etc, of every single year. The CP Wiki is absolutely nothing compared to this.
    Thanks for having so many things about older catalogs and parties on here :)


  6. hi Train it is me Pluto10500 remember me i was in your birthday video thank you very much for doing that. Your website is the best of all dude by the way i am a guy. the only bad part about your website is your trackers but everything else is awsome i go your web all the time

  7. Hey train man fan can we meet on cp. If u want to meet me, go to server snow bored and on the ice berg on 10:30 please reply

  8. Hello Trainman! I’m a big fan and I was wondering if you can add me. Not a lot of my buddies go on cp nowadays, and you replied to someone you try to go on cp everyday. Send me a Private Message to my Youtube account if you ever want to meet on cp.

    Add me on youtube too and please reply ASAP

  9. Ok I sent you the pictures Please dont share them and only post them on your website. Please email me back so I know you got the images!

    • Because that’d cost money, and I’m unable to purchase the thing to do email like that right now. So for now I’m sticking with the Yahoo one.

  10. Hey, have you ever thought about hiring authors to post updates and keep the party pages super updated and such? Even one or two new authors would help you out a lot.

  11. Hello Trainman! May you please check your yahoo email (the one that you posted above) I have sent you a email!

  12. Hi trainman i might send you a email because i have a few questions but when you reply can you put ”Bradley” in the subject box please so my mum knows it is for me :)

  13. I need the ads to pay for the site and to be able to afford coin codes and memberships to give out in giveaways. I don’t make much off them.

  14. I found out a strange glitch you may or may not no.

    As you DO know, Club Penguin has updated their servers so that you can’t open more than 1 Club Penguin browser at a time.

    However, the words clearly say “Browser”. If you are currently playing Club Penguin on Google Chrome, you can open up (let’s say Internet Explorer) and you’ll be able to play Club Penguin on two browsers on the same computer screen!

  15. Hi! Hey have U seen herbert ghost just wanna dance music video when it starts?
    And when there is a short-circuit in the party starts now video? His shadow could be seen. :)

  16. Can you believe that after a LOOONG time, Polo Field never commented on this blog? I started 3 months ago, and he commented on my blog!

  17. Did you know that when you clear your cookies and cache and type in your website you don’t have to type in the whole url your AMAZING!!And do you have any tips for my website?(I put it with the website thing box thingy)

  18. Hello!! I habe a question…
    Can I work in our page please y very very very good!!
    Mi e-mail is : [removed for privacy]
    Ok, only one think ¡¡I’m speak Spanish!!

  19. Hey Trainman!Please can you start daily or weekly giveaways!Please do it like other websites!It could bring you more penguins on your website and it would be the coolest website ever(it is already!).Bye!

  20. Oh,ok! I told you that because I haven’t got any good items!but it’s ok! You’re website will always be the best!Add me on CP please! Bye!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  21. Can we meet soon? I’m a member and called elina251.I am a girl but still.The best thing about this site is u don’t have to give ur email and well,thats good

  22. Um Trainman, I am Mackenzie [removed for privacy] and i go to [removed for privacy] school.I was assigned by my teacher to talk to someone i think is cool and learn something inspirational. So i choose u cuz u r super cool! If u have any thing “inspirational” to tell me please do. My assignment is due in a week. Thank you for reading this!
    Sincerely Mackenzie [removed for privacy]

    • Hey Mackenzie,

      First of all I removed your personal information from the comment. I hope you don’t mind.

      Second of all, I’m really flattered that you picked me! Is there anything in particular that’s inspirational you want from me or can it be anything? For your assignment do you need a sentence or two or more? Let me know and I’ll reply again. :)

  23. Hey Trainman!

    You probably don’t know this but I think your the best CP Blogger out there and you are the one that inspired me to make my own CP Blog! In fact I’m wondering if you could check it out, give me some feedback and maybe even put my blog on your blogroll? The URL is: giratina9872cp.wordpress.com

    Any reply would be highly appreciated! Thanks :D!

  24. Can you start a giveaway next week?!Only when you can and sorry for asking? :” when you do one put the code in a time on this website and we’ll copy paste it not twitter or facebook!Thnks

  25. Please answear me! Also I will always give you new codes (when I can) with credit or not cause I luv that site!BB

    • They’re not stolen, I blog on that website too. I gave the pictures to Loki Terry to post so I didn’t have to. :)

  26. Hi Trainman!
    Can you make a custom for me?
    Head-The flip
    Face-Police Aviator
    Neck- Camera (hollywood party)
    Body- Green hoodie
    Hand- Popcorn
    Feet- Blue sneakers

    Thx I do appreciate it!!!
    Your friend~ Jewel0606

    • I have 815 or something friends. Because my list is full I don’t receive any requests. Because I don’t receive them I can’t accept them.

  27. How do you know the club penguin updates


    P.s. Sorry for bugging you. I’m just curious and want to know information about bloggers. They are cool

  28. How do you know the club penguin updates

    P.s. Sorry for bugging you. I’m just curious and want to know information about bloggers. They are cool

    • I know them by reading the What’s New Blog and the reading the newspaper. And it’s fine, you’re not bugging me!

  29. Are you friends with any moderator or famous bloggers
    Who are they?
    And how do you become their buddy/friends
    Is it tricky

    • I’m friends with Polo Field, Businesmoose, and Spike Hike. Polo and Moose have me added on CP, I sent them friend requests before their friends list got full.

    • It’s done with some PHP code that goes in the WordPress header.php file:

      While you can’t see it, I have 128 images in the directory http://clubpenguinmemories.com/wp-content/banners/ with names of 1.png, 2.png, and so on. As I specified in the code above, it’ll pick a random #.png file between 1 and 128, the total number of headers I have. It’ll then display that numbered one. It’s sort of confusing but hopefully it makes sense.

      And yes, the prebuilt theme is WordPress only. Sorry.

    • I don’t really have an answer, I didn’t do anything to become famous. I just made a website because I wanted to and now many people visit it.

  30. Hi Trainman,

    I don’t know if you know about this, but in the EPF communicator, the Elite Puffle whistle is not there anymore. So yeah, that’s all I wanted to tell you. Waddle on!

    P.S.: Thanks for making this awesome blog!!

  31. Hello!

    Trainman, I have emailed you with the email – [hidden for privacy]. The title is “I require assistance.” please check it out, and reply back, I have a lot of expectations and hope that you’ll help us out.

    Warmest Regards,

  32. Trainman i just wanted to ask u that can my famous army banner be placed on ur website,i will pay if u want(just like sponsoring),also i wanted to ask that do u know me?If u know plz reply!
    Urs dear,
    Earthing-PR Dictator,Penguin of the Day,Cheats blogger,CP army legend.

  33. Hey Trainman, what brand of smartphone do u recommend for me if it is not samsung or iphone,, im gettin a new phone and i want one that is not expensive and has android OS (operating-system) please recommend one for me. no one else knows. thank you traianman, you are a huge help for me!!! Thank you very much !!! :)

  34. Hey Trainman, I don’t think we’ve really ever talked but we’re buddies on Club Penguin so I think you know who I am. I’ve been a fan of your site for many years, and I’m glad it’s still running strong. I just wanted to share that Lorenzo Bean, my account that is almost as old as yours, is now banned forever because of my involvement in CP armies. A moderator thought I was advertising because I said my army’s name to some random penguins. It’s a shame that my 8-year old namesake got put into a coffin for something silly like that. I’m kind of discouraged but I am going to try to keep up my site with help from my friend Bluemoss. Just thought I’d share with you; keep it up!

    • Yup, I know who you are. :) Have you tried contacting Club Penguin to appeal the ban? After all, nothing in Club Penguin’s rules prohibit that…

  35. Hey Trainman. =D,

    What smartphone do you use?
    HTC, Lg,Samsung,Apple,Zte,Sony,Nokia Lumia, Blackberry, Xiaomi, Oppo, etc….

    Your friend,

  36. Hii trainman, just a quick question, what made you want to continue playing club penguin when you are 20..
    And also how long have you played club penguin??

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